GRRM Promises a Shocking Situation in Winds of Winter But No Official Release Date Announced Yet, And More


A Song of Ice and Fire novel series writer, George R.R. Martin, teased the plot of his sixth book, ‘Winds of Winter’. He indicated that he has presently thought about introducing a big, exposing life-changing twist on this long-time character.

Martin declared to Entertainment Weekly that this latest twist will drive readers crazy and but personally, he loves it and is currently wondering whether he should seriously take ‘that direction or not….’ George R.R. Martin further stated that he did not consider this twist but now it seems like ready.

However, no one really knows what it is and George R.R. Martin will be the last person to reveal something this sensitive. Keep in mind that GRRM has talked about the shocking nature of this particular twist. The 66year old actor further revealed that ‘The Winds of Winter’ plot will be quite organic and natural and will be centered on three of four characters total.

Martin said that the producers of Game of Thrones have taken some decisions which ultimately lead to an ending for that character’s plot. This is the same character that Martin was planning to have a big twist with. For now, he has simply implied that something big is up and he hasn’t taken the final decision yet.

Rest assured that this is something he has never come up with before. As a result, this upcoming book will revolve around three to five characters. At the same time, Martin was regretful about not finishing the book while the iron was hot.

He revealed that after completing ‘A Dance with Dragons’, he gained the idea of this new plot. Sadly, he had to postpone writing it, due to some editing appoints and book tours. Apparently, The Winds of Winter was held for six months and the time is currently running out since the next Game of Thrones season will start around March to April.

GRRM has not yet declared the release date for The Winds of Winter but at the moment, it is being heavily calculated so as not to reveal too many spoilers on Game of Thrones Season 6.

No matter what Martin or the production staff of Game of Thrones believes (or wants us to believe), the TV series is primarily based on the novel, besides some variations in certain situations. Martin declared that his delay on Winds of Winter was inevitable and ever since he shifted gears, the momentum was lost.

Besides the book tours and occasional appearances, George R.R Martin has also been preoccupied with a cameo appearance in a recent fictional TV show, Sharknado 3. Sadly, he was shown being eaten alive by the mightiest predator in the ocean. In the meantime, MTV jested that this shark death of Martin “practically doused cold water on all burning hopes of fans for the author to finally finish writing “The Winds of Winter”.

Winds of Winter

Meanwhile, Jon Snow was one of the most popular characters of Game of Thrones. Sadly, his fate in the fifth book of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is same as his fate in the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale. In the end of season 5, we saw Jon Snow being stabbed by his Night Watch brothers and left to die in the snow.

As a result, fans were horrified, shocked and initially dumbfounded which resulted in them searching whether Snow returns in The Winds of Winter and season 6 of Game of Thrones. As a result, TV Series and Book fans alike, all eyes are on the upcoming sixth book and fans have been waiting for it, since last year.


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