GRRM Admits He Is A Very Slow Writer, Rumors Indicate Iron Throne to Stay Vacant In Winds of Winter!


George R.R Martin is presently under a lot of pressure to release his new book, Winds of Winter. It has been highly-anticipated for quite some time now and people are simply not ready to wait for it anymore.

Sadly, GRRM is still quite silent about the release date of the seventh part in his ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series. Meanwhile, eager fans have provided a lot of hints and speculations regarding the book. Martin definitely wishes to publish the book soon and the upcoming Game of Thrones season is actually based on it.

At the same time, he is taking his time to finish it. During a discussion at his alma mater, Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Martin was quoted by Inquisitr. He said, “I’ve been hearing them come up behind me for years, and the question is, How can I make myself write faster? I think, by now, the answer is, I can’t. I write at the pace I write, and what the show is doing is not going to change what the books are.”

According to WetPaint, Martin declared in a BBC Interview that he could finish up to five to six pages in one single day. The author further mentioned that days like that don’t come very often but he certainly wishes that they came more often.

He further described that a lot of his days is just struggling about. He further revealed that he might not get time to write an episode in the next Game of Thrones season as he is already pretty busy with his book. This clearly proves that GRRM is devoting all his time to finish the book as soon as possible.

Expectations suggest that the book will be finished by the end of this year and then it will be ready to be released early next year. Recently, there were a lot of speculations suggesting that this book could have already entered the publishing house and it is simply waiting for a scheduled release date.

There are rumors suggesting that the Iron Throne will be empty in Winds of Winter and Game of Thrones Season 6. Actor Finn Jones plays Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones and he indicated that the Iron Throne, which is the main cause of the vicious battles between all houses, might never have a successor.

Furthermore, it could be used for a completely different purpose. Jones mentions, ““Basically, what I think is that there will be a huge battle between Ice and Fire factions. I think Ice and Fire will completely destroy themselves in this great war. It’ll destroy Westeros and they’ll have to dissolve the Iron Throne because it has Valyrian Steel.”

Martin has a very busy schedule and a time-consuming lifestyle, so we can never be sure as to when Winds of Winter is going to release. As a result, fans have no idea when the next book is going to come out.

Winds of Winter

In other news, the latest reports are suggesting that Winds of Winter is ready to be released and a schedule date has been fixed. Most reports suggest that this novel will hit the shelves before the premiere episode of Game of Thrones season 6, airs on 3rd April 2016.

According to Entertainment Weekly, GRRM is indeed planning to release the book earlier and presently he is clearing up his schedule in order to work more on his book.

He further wished that it was already out and admitted that he is being too optimistic about how fast he can finish it. He turned down a lot of interviews and cancelled two convention appearances in order devote more time on his book.


  1. It’s GRRM’s story to tell and our privilege to wait for it…anyone unwilling to wait is free to write their own inferior fanfiction or watch the travesty on HBO…