Grimm: Juliette Makes a Comeback, Bitsie Tulloch Shares the Real Story!


The winter finale of Grimm ended with a major cliff hanger. The midseason ended with Nick (David Giuntoli) coming face to face with Juliette. This incident happened after she had saved Nick and his friends from a gang of deadly killers.

There were rumors that Juliette isn’t dead and that she is going to come back and this sudden moment had shocked and surprised the fans. However, before the excitement can go any further, fans need to know that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Bitsie Tulloch, the actress who plays the role of Juliette has revealed that this isn’t Juliette. The person does look like Juliette and even behaves and sounds like her, but she isn’t the real Juliette. Juliette’s DNA was used to create this clone and she isn’t the same person that Nick had grown to love in the last four years of his life.

Bitsie Tulloch informed TV Line that while the real Juliette loved animals, cooking tagine and was very friendly. This Juliette who has returned is a killing machine. She is robotic and very calculating and will do everything possible to be successful in her mission.

When the fans last met Juliette on Grimm, she had turned into a hexenbiest and led a group of hexenbiest to kill Nick’s mother and had succeeded. She had Nick’s death on her agenda as well, but she wasn’t successful and ultimately dies.

Eve as the new version of Juliette is called, is a powerful hexenbiest from Hadrian Wall and her mission is to destroy Black Claw. Eve was revealed to the audience in the episode Wesen Nacht. When Nick first meets her, he is a little taken back, but he doesn’t relate to her at all because he knows that she isn’t Juliette since Juliette isn’t alive anymore.

Fans were not happy to see Juliette die and they are more than happy to have her back, even if it is an avatar that is far removed from the real character. Even though the fans are happy with Juliette coming back, the Scoobies aren’t. They sit down after the show returns in January, to try and figure out with Nick what is happening.

The truth about Eve, the new version of Juliette is going to come out soon enough. The Wesens are already in a bad state with the war and the title for the new episode after the winter break is titled Eve of Destruction, which indicates that Eve will have a major role to play in the havoc.

Those who are very happy to get the series regular Bitsie Tulloch back in Grimm, will be disappointed to find out that although Tulloch is back in Grimm, she isn’t going to be working together with Nick and the other members of the gang. This news was confirmed by James Kouf who is the co-creator of the series.

Grimm Season 4

Bitsie Tulloch’s appearance was rumored since the cast and crew celebrated the 100th episode, but it was officially revealed only recently. Bitsie immediately took to the social media to share interesting photos and videos from the set, stating that she could finally share these after having to lie low for so long.

While some of the fans of Grimm are very excited that Juliette is back in the series, others are not very pleased with the decision. They feel that with Juliette coming back, the creators spoil Nick’s heartbreak over losing his beloved and having to live with the dilemma of why she had become a hexenbiest.


  1. I’m okay with her back as long as she doesn’t work with Nick. The writers have spent a lot of time setting up a relationship between Nick and Adalind. I hope it isn’t a bait and switch because I love love love them together. Nick working to bring Julitt/Eve’s feelings for him back would be a rerun of season 2. Boring.

  2. This feels like a bit of a cop out. Sure, bringing her back appeases the fans who liked her, at the same time having her as a “whole new character” quiets fans who disliked her. It doesn’t really work, imo. It would’ve felt more definitive and daring of the show to kill off a major character who had been there since the start.

    If another character were to truly die, what with rumors that no one is safe this season, it would feel unwarranted saving this character that a large portion of fans believed never worked with the show — especially when the rest of the cast are so strong and more integral to its success.

  3. I can have enjoy this new version of Adalind and slow build up to the relationship she has with others. I hate to see that come to end like this.

  4. Adalind is dull without her powers, and her relationship with Nick is just too weird. I hope they have her Hexenbiest powers come back. The show is starting to feel old.