Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Ellen Pompeo Responds to Fans, Show Goes Back to Its Roots, More Details


Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy is the talk of the town. Creator Shonda Rhimes had received a lot of flaks after killing off popular character of Dr Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in the final episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11.

The upcoming season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy is just a few weeks away and fans are still coping with the loss of McDreamy. Fans are questioning how the popular series will continue without their favourite character.

This sentiment of the fans has not been accepted very well by Ellen Pompeo, who plays the character of Meredith Grey in the popular series. Pompeo recently made a statement to TV insider saying that why is it so difficult for the character of Meredith to carry the show on her shoulder, when another popular show by the same creator can be carried by the leading female star.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly Ellen Pompeo said that she was very offended that the show couldn’t continue without her onscreen partner. She said that it hurt her ego. If shows like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder could survive without a man, why is it so difficult for fans to accept that Meredith Grey could take forward Grey’s Anatomy.

Scandal created by Shonda Rhimes is carried forward by Kerry Washington who plays the role of Olivia Pope. Kerry carries the whole show by herself without a support from another character. However fans will agree that Meredith’s character is very different from that of Olivia and requires a person by her side; be it Cristina Yang or Derek Shepherd.

After the sad note on which the previous season ended Shonda Rhimes is planning on breathing a new life to the show. The show will return to its original lighter tone and according to Jason George who plays Dr Ben Warren season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy will be a refreshing watch for the fans.

According to People Magazine Jason George said that fans will be reminded of the reason for them falling in love with the show at the first place. Its light sense of humour and the fliting romances will bring back the old charm of the show which the fans loved.

Rhimes told TV Line that she could never imagine a life where Meredith wouldn’t be her normal self, continuously thinking of the love of her life and his sudden death. Patrick Dempsey couldn’t continue for the next season and therefore the story line had to be created in a way that would eliminate him form the upcoming seasons of the popular show Grey’s Anatomy.

The jump of 6 months was needed so that Rhimes could place Meredith in a place where she could at least have a conversation. Since the demise of Derek also had an immense effect on all the doctors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Rhimes decision to speed up the clock would give the other characters time to grieve and then move towards laughter.

Grey's Anatomy Season 12

The Hollywood Reporter has said that the table reading sessions have had the whole cast breaking out into laughter and applause, highlighting the general mood that the show will focus on in the upcoming seasons.

According to Variety, Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy will be high on romance. One of the biggest romances that the show will focus on is the one between Amelia and Owen. Shonda Rhimes teased that Owen will find himself getting attracted to somebody that he never had thought would happen.


  1. The show began with Meredith and Derek at the bar where they meet and that’s where the love story began. To say that the show is base on her cuz its called Grey’s antomy is bogus. Yes Derek will be missed and yes Meredith will go on with her life.So prove to us that this show will continue without
    Derek, Mark,Gorge, Christina, etc.

  2. Why would you take Derek off of Grey’s Anatomy? I think he was one of the best actors and the story was always trilling with him and Meredith. If somehow please bring hm back.

  3. I agree!! And Meredith is acting so different now not the character I loved shes sooo mean and cold now especially to Amelia soo disgusted