Gotham Season 2: Galvan Running for Mayor, Nygma Embracing His Evil Side, Nygma and Penguin to Team Up, More Details


Gotham Season 2 is getting interesting with every scene! With the fourth episode the fans start getting a picture of how serious things are going to get in Gotham Season 2. For those who are still in the dark about it, Theo Galvan has unleashed his real plans for the city and things look very bleak.

With Theo Galvan (James Frain) deciding to run for Mayor, the police have a tough job in their hand. They already have to tackle six inmates who have broken free. However, things seem to look up for the police force since Commissioner Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is back to take charge.

The move is welcomed by Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), but he isn’t ready to lose out on so many officers at a time when things are messed up in Gotham. However, Barnes, as usual has a plan up his sleeve. The two of them decide to get new recruits and head to the police academy to get candidates who have aced in their class.

Unit Alpha is created of the fresh graduates, who are eager to give their all for the protection and betterment of Gotham. The new task force is met with an immediate situation when they have to bring down Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). Penguin is being forced to work as for Galvan and kill people at his bidding.

Galvan as the viewers know is a conniving fellow who fakes an assassination in public to gain support and then goes ahead and announces his decision to run for Mayor. Galvan has realized that the only way to win the seat is to eliminate all the other candidates and thereby have no competition to contend with.

Barnes and Gordon devise a plan to bring down Penguin. Even though Gordon knows that Penguin isn’t someone who is going to kill without a reason, there’s no way out. Penguin still doesn’t know where Galvan has hid his mother and he isn’t opening his mouth and speaking out since he is afraid of losing his mother.

Penguin has a lot to worry about this season. Actor Robin Lord Taylor talked about his role in the New York Comic Con and he said that Penguin’s father will be making an appearance in Gotham Season 2 pretty soon. Tucker Cobblepot, Penguin’s father, will be played by actor Paul Reubens.

Gordon already knows that Penguin is made to do the things that he is out doing, by some external force. Gordon feels that Penguin needs to side with the Gotham police department to help them fight the crimes and Robin Lord Taylor has hinted at the possibility that Tucker will pave the way for Penguin and Gordon to come together and work.

Gotham Season 2

With the fourth episode out, fans are already trying to find out what’s next and Fox has already released the synopsis for the coming episodes. Galvan as viewers know will win the contest for Mayor of Gotham, since he has eliminated all his competition, as his plan had always been, with the help of Penguin.

However, Galvan will not have enough power to stop Penguin when he seeks revenge for the way his mother was treated by Galvan. This looks like the perfect set up for Penguin and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) to team up. Robin Lord Taylor had already hinted at the possibility in Gotham Season 2 and fans are soon going to get a taste of it.


  1. So far so entrancing, but we still crave a bit of Bruce Wayne. Not that I’m hating on Gordon, no way, but Bruce is needed, if nothing more to follow Galvan’s plans and Bruce’s growth and maturing.
    Loving Season 2!