GoPro Hero 5 Will Launch by October 2016, Likely to be Bundled with the Karma Drone, And More


GoPro is currently working on an October launch for the action camera but according to the early reports, the company was supposed to launch it earlier. Tech News Today was told by GoPro that the launch date for the fifth generation GoPro camera has been pushed back since the makers are trying to squeeze in a few more upgrades into the upcoming Hero 5.

The company has also declared that additional tweaks will be made to the device in order to make it stand out and at the same time, introduce better design as well as functionality. From the latest batch of reports, the GoPro Hero 5 camera will come with 8K Video recording resolution ability which is actually double that of the 4K video recording which is currently available for the Hero 4 Black.

Meanwhile, some of the analysts are not at all confident about the high resolution as it could have some negative effects to battery life as well as noise management. Moreover, it will come with higher frames per second shooting ability.

With the newly improved setting, the upcoming cameras will be able to shoot videos at 60 frames per second. According to a latest rumor from Crossmap, the company is planning to make the GoPro Hero 5 small enough so that it can be easily accommodated or attached to the Karma Drone.

This is a flying unmanned electronic remote control device provided by the company. With the GoPro Hero 5 being launched, it is reported that both of them will launch together. Keep in mind that the newest generation action camera will come at a price of $550. Meanwhile, the official details are yet to be launched so you might want to take this information with a grain of salt.

At CES 2016, it was recently confirmed by GoPro that they are making the Karma Drone. The Karma Drone will be released soon and it has further sparked rumors regarding the Hero 5 Extreme Action camera.

The latest batch of rumors suggests that the camera’s size will be reduced so that it can be easily attached to the drone. Therefore, compared to the Hero 4, this will be significantly smaller as well as lighter than its predecessor. Similar to other GoPro cameras, the device will be able to capture videos and images underwater.

Further speculations suggest that the Hero 5 will be able to go down to depths as low as 60 meters. Since the Hero 5 only managed 20 meters, if this turns out to be true, this will be pretty impressive. The development of new camera housing will facilitate the performance of this device underwater at such depths.

The Hero 5 will record 8K videos and this indicates that GoPro is adapting to the latest trends in technology. Furthermore, a lot of electronic companies are releasing devices which are capable of recording 4K and 8K video resolutions.

GoPro Hero 5

The anticipation for release of GoPro devices in the future is pretty high and recently, it was revealed by the company that due to drop in investor shares, there financial results in 2015 Q4 was quite disappointing in nature.

The shares which were worth $94 before are currently available at $11-12. It was earlier admitted by GoPro that due to the difficulty in meeting sales target, they would miss revenue projections by 14 percent.

Due to the low sales of the recently revealed Hero 4 Session camera, such problems are being experienced.


  1. To be honest, I would suggest anyone buying one, just get a clone, I have bought four gopros, three 3 and one 4 and I have only had bad to worse experience, after a few minutes, your files will always become corrupted, broken playback, etc, etc NOT WORTH IT!

  2. It’s typicaly SD Card slow rate write problem. I have H3 & H4 black this cameras works fine with correct SD Card.

  3. Ok your memory card must be crap and you have no idea how to use it because I have been using my GoPro for years and have never have a file corrupt, even when shooting in 4k and totally raw settings, if you even know what that means.