GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Karma Ready for a 2016 Release, GoPro’s Market Share Slides Due to Delay in Launching the Hero 5!


The GoPro Hero 5 has been in the news for quite a while now, and mostly for the right reasons! However, so far no confirmed release date has been announced for the action-sports camera. Initially expected to release in October 2015, the device was pushed back to 2016 due to a few technical glitches that the company wanted to sort out before rolling out the camera on the mass scale.

However, GoPro has assured us that with the launch of the Hero 5, the entire concept of the sports-action camera world is going to topple. Hence, this has got the fans and GoPro loyalists on the tenterhooks.

Initial rumors about the GoPro Hero 5 stated that the camera brought together a unique combination of future-tech and low prices, with many believing that GoPro would price the device lower than the present-generation flagship, the Hero 4. However, the American Sports-Action camera manufacturing conglomerate has failed to make a formal announcement on that.

GoPro doesn’t want to launch an underdeveloped product, hence, the delay. However, they have revealed the GoPro Karma, a quad copter mounted camera that is bound to capture ‘Oh My God’ moments for users, from the high skies! More on that later.

The GoPro Hero 5 boasts of quite a few top-notch features, including high-quality underwater video. While most sports-action cameras are waterproof, they are not very efficient at capturing videos underwater after a certain depth.

The GoPro Hero 5 has a special mounting that allows the camera to operate seamlessly up to depths of 60 meters. To draw in a comparison, the GoPro Hero 4 can operate up to a maximum depth of 20 meters.

Due to the high waterproofing ratio of the Hero 5, the camera is capable of taking premium shots under water as well. Both underwater photos and videos are crisp and smooth and with the additional 8K video support, the final quality of the shots are expected to be phenomenal compared to most current-generation sports-action cameras.

However, the drawback of such high-resolution filming capability is high battery and storage consumption. The high resolution also decreases the frame rate of the device, which is another downside of the Hero 5.

Users, however, can operate on 4k resolution, which is the current benchmark, if needed. 4K video resolution supports 60fps, which should be sufficient for capturing high quality videos. The GoPro Hero 5 features a dual-lens setup,capable of taking 3D images and motion capture.

With the launch of the Hero 5 impending, the rumors in the market was at an all-time high. However, with GoPro postponing the sale, the stock prices have suddenly dipped, which in turn has led to lesser profits than initially estimated. This might have a long-term effect on the annual earnings of GoPro.

However, the company is confident about the stock prices heading up next year once the Hero 5 is available off the shelf,although, that will be the case if the device doesn’t disappoint the customers. With the kind of hype generated around the Hero 5 at the moment, it is very difficult to stand up to the demands and expectations of the customers.

GoPro Hero 5

However, unlike any of its predecessors or rivals, the GoPro Hero 5 is packed to the brim with features. As a result, GoPro is confident of an imminent turnaround of their fortunes as soon as the device hits the market.

GoPro has continuously assured their fans that the Hero 5 is under development and the device will be ready by early 2016. We will update you on the dates as soon as GoPro makes a formal announcement regarding the subject.


  1. Can you say “GUINEA PIG” ?

    As much as I would like to purchase the Hero 5, I think GoPro is so driven by the stock market that it MUST deliver something even if it’s loaded with bugs for the consumer to deal with.
    Think of all the years we dealt with Microsoft OS releases. They’re still doing fixes for Windows 95.
    I hope I’m wrong about GoPro, I’ve been holding off on any purchase till I could see some technology that would get me out of my Nikon.


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