George R.R Martin Could Share Cersei’s Chapter from the Winds of Winter, There Will Not Be a Night’s King in the Books!


The Winds of Winter may be long overdue, but the hype involving this highly-anticipated book will never fade. Reports indicate that the sixth book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series will most likely come out this year. Meanwhile, there are rumors suggesting that GRRM will read the Cersei chapter at Worldcon.

According to Parent Herald, the 67-year old writer will be attending Worldcon and his attendance was confirmed on his blog. The author is asking all fans to attend this event since it is a great place to talk and connect with various authors. His appearance at Worldcon has triggered reports suggesting that he will read a new chapter from The Winds of Winter.

The celebrity author hinted in his blog that there would be another Winds of Winter chapter reading. At the same time, he will be doing other stuff in Kansas City as well. He told The BitBag that reading, a couple of panels along with some other stuff are in order.

The Aegon chapter was read by George R.R Martin at the Balticon. Fans of GRRM and his ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series are currently waiting to know about Cersei’s POV chapter at Worldcon.

The author may not have released the book yet, but so far, he has been pretty generous about reading several chapters from the book. In fact, some fans even believe that if they compile all the chapters, they can make a complete book out of it.

Meanwhile, in the latest season of Game of Thrones, the story went ahead of the books with The Winds of Winter yet to be released. However, rumors suggest that we can expect a year-end release. It is exciting to see that there are major differences between the two forms of media.

The showrunners and show creators, Dan Weiss and David Benioff, gradually deviated from the books in Season 6 and Season 5. They even created a map for the characters and plot.

It is interesting to think about how much the Season 6 events will play out in the books, especially considering how epic it was. A major aspect that will not exist in the books is the Night’s King, as suggested by iDigitalTimes.

When the show introduced him back in Season 4, it was the first major spoiler for book readers. In fact, this is how all the readers perceived it. We are not sure whether the Night’s King will be in the sixth book or any of the books at all.

However, he was mentioned in one of Old Nan’s stories in the book. The tale revealed that he was the Night’s Watch 13th Lord Commander and a Stark as well. He fell for a woman who was described to be of cold and ice, and he betrayed humankind for her. However, it is uncertain if we’ll ever get to hear about him again. Meanwhile, in the show, Night’s King is the main villain in Game of Thrones.

Winds of Winter

In the books, ‘The Others’ or ‘White Walkers’ are an otherworldly, magical and unnatural force. They are the true personification of Evil, Ice and Death, and all they want is destruction. According to the same article, they don’t even need a leader.

During an interview with Weiss and Benioff, they were asked about how it was to portray a villain who doesn’t speak. Weiss explained that he thinks of Death to be a greater villain than the Night’s King.


  1. The Night’s King you mention and the Night King on the show are two different characters,