George Lucas On Board For Indiana Jones 5, Spielberg Defends Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones, Film To Go On The Floors In 2018!


Disney has been riding high on the success of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Marvel Studio’s Captain America: Civil War and now with Pixar’s Finding Dory. With Harrison Ford coming back to play the role of Han Solo in Star Wars there was talk about bringing back Indiana Jones.

Geek reported that Lucasfilm had been interested in bringing back Indiana Jones in 2008, which gave rise to the rather disappointing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

To account for the aging Harrison Ford, the previous Indiana Jones was based in the 1950s and introduced Shia LeBeouf as Mutt Williams, his son with Mario Ravenwood (Karen Allen).

There was speculation that Shia LeBeouf was introduced into the Indiana Jones franchise so that Harrison Ford could hand over the reins to him, but before the film could even end, the fans were very clear that LeBeouf’s character doesn’t stand a chance to become the next Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones 5 is in discussions and while there are hasn’t been any official information on the release date, fans are hopeful that the movie will start from 2018 and will not take much long after that to hit the theatre. There isn’t a lot of news about the film but one thing is for sure: Harrison Ford is going to reprise the role of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 5.

Walt Disney is planning to make it big with the upcoming Indiana Jones as well. Given the successes they have seen so far, they aren’t leaving any stones unturned to make Indiana Jones 5 a huge success. Alan Horn, Chairman of Walt Disney, is excited about getting Indiana Jones back into the theatre in 2019. Indiana Jones enjoys a huge fan base.

Some critics have pointed out that Harrison Ford was too old to play the role of Indiana Jones in the last movie, and they are of the opinion that he wouldn’t fit the bill at all in Indiana Jones 5.

However Steven Spielberg, the director of the franchise, has come out to defend Ford in the role and said that Harrison Ford has matured with age and so has his character of Indiana Jones.

Spielberg has added that Ford has done most of his stunts in the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens on his own, which shows that he is still in excellent physical condition and will be able to play the role of Indiana Jones perfectly, even in 2018 when Indiana Jones goes on the floor. In fact, Steven Spielberg has taken it a step further and made it very clear that he will not direct another Indiana Jones film without Harrison Ford in it.

Indiana Jones 5

George Lucas has played a significant role in the franchise, and he was absent from the previous Indiana Jones movie, which was abysmal. Cheat Sheet has now confirmed that George Lucas is going to be a part of the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 and he is going to be one of the executive producers along with Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been associated with the writing process for all the Indiana Jones films, except Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. With Lucas coming on board for Indiana Jones 5, there is some hope that Lucas will be able to cast his magic in the upcoming film and rectify the mistakes of the last movie.


  1. Lucas was heavily involved with Crystal Skull including signing off on the horrible, pathetic script which ruined the series (for me at least). I sure hope there is redemption to #5 and with out freaken ants or aliens. I also would love to see redemption for Lucas in regards to creative development but you have to question if he has it in him after 30 years of lack luster films…

  2. I would love to see Indy in more movies. I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, but even I realize he is getting old. I think Mutt Williams was handled sloppily in the crystal skull film. But I believe with the right casting and a bridge to develop his character and relationship towards his dad Indiana Jones, they could successfully have Mutt Williams take control of the franchise. I did have some fun with the fourth film, true it’s not as enjoyable as the first three, but it’s still watchable, and you can still get a feel for the series in it. I do hope that this new film does make major improvements, and doesn’t completely deny that the crystal skull and it’s characters never happened. Also guy who wrote this article, read it before posting it.