Gamers of Super Smash Bros 4 Wait For the Upcoming DLC, Nintendo NX Is Expected To Release In 2016, And More


The fighter ballot in the Direct Event was introduced by Game Director Masahiro Sakurai after the official release of the popular fighting game, Super Smash Bros 4, which was released on Nintendo Wii U and the 3DS in April. With the Fighter Ballot, fans are asked to vote for the character that the gamers would like to see in the popular fighting game.

You would usually notice that the results are not really available. This feature has been introduced in order to remind gamers that they have been given the opportunity to request their preferred characters and make them available in their game.

Besides the various legacy characters like Mewtwo from Pokémon and Lucas from Mother 3, the gamers of Super Smash Bros 4 could actually see in reality, any type of character that they want to be featured as the next challenger in the game. The third and fourth character DLCs included Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter.

They were released to Super Smash Bros 4 in June but these characters were not at all ballot-related.  With the ballot, gamers have the ability to vote as many number of times they want and Nintendo set the final deadline for the ballot on 3Rd October.

After the Fighter Ballot culmination, it has been more than two weeks and gamers are waiting for when the next character DLC will make it to Super Smash Bros 4 and that too quite soon, as noted by Christian Today.

The official results of the Fighter Ballot hasn’t been announced by Nintendo but the recent rumors regarding this topic suggest that there will be three third party DLC characters that will make their way soon, to Super Smash Bros 4. A code was discovered by a gamer in the recent patch that was released for Super Smash Bros 4.

There were three slots left for new characters along with two game stages as well. At the moment, everything is pure speculation but the characters that are most popular are King R. Rool from Donkey Kong Country, Inkling from “Splatoon,” and Ridley from “Metroid” and Isaac from “Golden Sun.”

Meanwhile, further rumors have also mentioned Shovel Knight from the same-titled game and Realty Today indicates that this character could have originated from Nintendo Life Sources and they revealed that the lineup contains the character’s appearance.

In August, we received reports that Professor Layton from the “Professor Layton” puzzle games will be included on the 3DS and the Nintendo DS. It was rumored that he would be the next character to join the Super Smash Bros 4 roster.

It is now quite evident that one or some of these rumored characters could be added in the game but since Nintendo hasn’t released an official update, it is difficult to understand which characters they have confirmed or denied.

At the moment, everything is open for guesses and more speculation. However, keep in mind that rumors surrounding the addition of Shovel Knight as the next character for Super Smash Bros were revealed leaks of a Shovel Knight Amiibo were a few days before.

Super Smash Bros 4

In fact, Nintendo used a third party to release a new Amiibo figurine directly and this appeared quite shocking for gamers. Therefore, there is a high probability that Nintendo will definitely include Shovel Knight as a new DLC character with the new Amiibo figurine already released in the market.

Before the major shopping season, Nintendo decided to make a major move for gamers who really love Super Smash Bros 4. The Nintendo of America is bundling all the Super Smash DLC goodies and games and further including them into one single package for gamers.


  1. It better be Snake and Shantae I swear. I could care less on the 3rd option as long as it’s not Splatoon Inklings or Metroid Riddley. -.-

  2. I personally want Shovel Knight, Wolf, and Inkling. But anyone who thinks Ridley would be a good character can go home and be quiet.

    Also, how come nobody has thought about Toad

    Toad would be great