French Civilization With Focus on Espionage In Civilization 6, Preorder The Game To Unlock Aztec Civilization, China Loses Out On Passive Bonuses


Civilization 6 has decided to focus on France, and it has packed in some interesting things for the fans. The sixth Civilization is going to concentrate on the French civilization with Catherine de Medici as the leader. Firaxis, the developers of Civilization 6, have already made players aware of the things that they can expect in the upcoming game with the help of a series of videos.

Civilization 6, according to Alphr, has packed in a strong mid-game force thanks to the bonuses that France has. A unique aspect of the French civilization is the Garde Imperiale. They get bonus points for fighting in the home continent of the capital and get Great General points if they kill the enemy.

Civilization 6 with France in focus is also the only civilization that allows Chateaus to be built. The players need to make them close to rivers, and they generate culture based on their distance to the Wonders.

There is a strong focus on espionage in Civilization 6. Catherine de Medici gets her personal informants in the form of ladies-in-waiting, called the Flying Squadron. They operate as spies to get significant diplomatic information from other civilizations.

The players who want to play a game based on mind-games are in for a treat with Civilization 6. When the players research Castle, Medici gets a new spy.

The official Civilization 6 handle on YouTube and Twitter usually release new content every week. The Chinese and the Aztec civilizations were unveiled last week, and although fans were waiting for France to be unveiled in a week’s time, they got nothing.

The First Look Trailer was expected a while back; the players were left high and dry. When they asked Firaxis when they can expect the teaser, the developers said that trailers would be coming out soon.

The French civilization that the players are going to deal with in Civilization 6 is completely different from the one that they had in Civilization. Catherine de Medici’s civilization is nothing like that of Napolean Bonaparte.

The French civilization is based on the mind-game and the espionage system that it employs. Egypt and China might build their civilization on Wonders and the advancement of the general welfare. France will get to go ahead of the other civilizations with a better industrial area and pursue Culture victories thanks to their bonuses.

Given that there is a keen interest in Game of Thrones, Catherine de Medici’s French civilization allows the players to enjoy situations that are right out of the popular series. Irrespective of whether the players choose war or peace mode, they can play an exciting game with the use of deceit and manipulation going forward.

Apart from France, Civilization 6 also focuses on Aztecs. The Aztecs have the Eagle Warrior, which becomes their unique unit. These have a unique ability whereby they turn the defeated enemies into Builder units that work for them.

The Aztecs bring in the enemies to work as slaves for them and help them grow their cities. Since the focus is on buildings, the Aztec civilization has bonus points for the building districts.

Civilization 6

In the Aztec civilization, the players can build real Aztec buildings like the Huey Teocalli pyramid, which was an important place for their sacred rituals. They can also build sporting arenas known as the Tlachtli.

The players who have preordered Civilization 6 get to enjoy the Aztec civilization from the first day. Others will have to wait for at least three months after the release of Civilization 6 to unlock the mode.


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