Frank and Danny Creates a Drama Over Nick, Blue Bloods Rules the Network Rating Even in The Death Slot, More Details!


The latest episode of Blue Bloods wowed the fans completely. Called Town Without Pity, the episode that was aired on April 1st saw Frank (Tom Selleck) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) come together to fight a case which sees a rehabilitated ex-con commit a murder. Erin on the other hand prepares for a trial and realizes that the killer’s location is being kept secret by the prosecutor.

The 16th episode of Blue Bloods Season 6 will see Danny and Frank’s relationship get into a sort of a mess. Danny knows who is responsible for the murder but his father, Frank doesn’t think that it is right. The man Danny suspects in Nick Constantine. However, Frank doesn’t support his son’s claim since Nick Constantine was someone he knew very well.

Frank as the police commissioner, had testified in the case of Nick Constantine that got him released. He had issue with substance and alcohol abuse, but he was working hard to get it sorted.

Nick Constantine had been one of the first collars that Frank had come to know and he had known him prior to his twenty years in jail. Frank doesn’t believe that Nick would murder someone now that he has become a changed man, a model ex-con.

As Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported, Nick had attended a forum for Offenders’ Notification, where ex-cons came to sit and discuss with young offenders who have just been released about the consequences of a re-offend. These young men, were all high risk candidates for re-offend and hence this was more like a counselling session for them.

Nick speaks to a young man called Tyrell, a gang member. He had served three and a half years in prison. Nick tells him how he had suffered when he felt that he would be in for life. Frank overhears the conversation and speaks up on behalf of Nick to the young man.

This incident made Nick realize what the police commissioner meant to him. He always knew that Frank was someone who wanted him to stay out of prison and the respect for him made him turn his life around.

While everything seemed to be going well at the meeting, things do not proceed this smoothly in Blue Bloods. A shooting is reported that the club of Nick’s son and unfortunately the video footage showed Nick running away from the scene with a gun in his hand and that places him in the position of a suspect.

Things turn out terribly for Frank since the entire police department knew that Nick was running from the scene and then they also knew that Frank had always been against the mayor’s claim that the ex-cons shouldn’t be treated with leniency and they shouldn’t be allowed to lead a normal life so readily.

This showdown between the mayor and Frank happened that very day and then the footage with Nick appears in front of the police department.

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods Season 6 episode 16 saw the police department asking Frank to start a manhunt against Nick so that the city would know that he is still tough on criminals and will not let them go easy. Frank, however, isn’t keen on that and says that the department cannot pin someone as the murderer if it isn’t proven.

Danny finds out that Nick is in possession of a weapon that matches the one that caused the murder. This makes things very awkward between Frank and him. However, when Frank realizes that he has been let down by the one man he was rallying for, he tries to talk to Nick.


  1. How about the GREAT job Jamie and Eddie did to discover the money that helped the lady and her grandson in Town Without Pity. As they are my favorites and a BIG reason I love and watch the show, lets give credit where it is due! Jamie and Eddie as a pair are fabulous and together as partners are great to watch work! Also as love interests for each other!