Four New Pieces of Debris Believed to Be of Flight MH370 Found in Western Indian Ocean, Fragments to Be Examined by Experts in Australia!


Flight MH370 was a scheduled international passenger flight that was operated by Malaysia Airlines. The place disappeared on 8th March, 2014 while on its way from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia to the Beijing Capital International Airport located in China.

A total of 227 passengers from 15 different nations were onboard when the plane disappeared. That apart, 12 Malaysian crew members were also on it.

A multinational search for the plane has been launched and the search is continuing to this day. The latest reports suggest that three pieces of debris have been recently found which are believed to be of Flight MH370.

The debris were found on the beaches located in the western side of the Indian Ocean. Reports also state that another piece of debris has also been found. This too have been found in the same area where the previous three pieces were found.

If actually these are debris from the fateful plane, it will knock up the count of debris of this plane found to nine. Apparently, it was Luca Kuhn von Burgsdorff who found the fourth debris and upon his discovery, he made contact with the BBC.

He stated that the fragments found by him were seen in the Macaneta Peninsula. It is a narrow strip of land that extends from the Mozambique and into the Western Indian Ocean. Jeff Wise, a journalist, who has also done extensive research on Flight MH370 claimed that more fragments of the plane will be found in the future.

He stated that it was a debris storm and he also added that the search has not yet been properly organized. The Australia-based search team has been constantly scanning the Southern Indian Ocean for possible debris of the plane. However, they were quite late to dispatch a team of experts for the Western Indian Ocean where the latest pieces of fragments have been found.

The latest discovery of the fragments has sparked speculations that in the future people will finally be able to know as to what happened to the plane. The cost of searching for the plane has already hit the $130 million mark and it will continue to rise as the search continues.

The expenditure of the search has been bored mostly by Australia and Malaysia. China too have made some financial contribution but it is too little to be significant.

A ship and some necessary materials have also been provided by China. It is surprising that the country is so skeptical about making contribution towards the search, given the fact that most of the people onboard the flight was from China.

It was seen in the case of the previously discovered fragments that they were carried to Australia first for the purpose of examination. It is likely that the same will be done in case of the newly discovered fragments. After they have been examined, the Malaysian Government will take the fragments under its custody.

Flight MH370

It has been reported that a piece of debris that was discovered in the month of March has already been examined by Australian experts.

It was found in the Mossel Bay, South Africa. Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is leading the search for the plane and the representatives of the organization reported that barnacles were found in the debris that was found in Mossel Bay.

This one and another piece of debris that was found at the Rodrigues Island in Mauritius have been dubbed as pieces of flight MH370. Experts are almost certain that the fragments are of the fateful flight itself.


  1. Parts from the interior should be checked for fire or smoke contamination. I think it was some kind of mechanical failure.