Finding Carter Season 3: Fans Urge MTV To Renew The Series, Whitesell Talks About Upcoming Season!


Season 2 of Finding Carter ended with a huge cliffhanger and the fans of the show are now eagerly waiting for Finding Carter Season 3 to hit their television screen. Ever since the first episode, the series had hooked viewers.

Here was a drama series that was unlike any other they have seen. Finding Carter is a family drama that deals with a family that is struggling with a lot of issues. The first season of Finding Carter was followed by the second season, but this isn’t the case for Season 3.

Not only is Season 3 not ready, but there are doubts about its very existence. Carter Matt revealed that Finding Carter Season 2 wasn’t very successful. The whole season got a ranking of B- after the 24 episodes. Critics felt that the season was a little puzzling and haphazard, although things began to fall into place around the finale.

All the negative reviews that the viewers had expressed during Season 2 of Finding Carter vanished when they realized the numerous twists and sudden turn of events. What finally sealed the deal for them was the finale, which none of the viewers ever saw coming.

Season 2 of Finding Carter was a roller coaster ride. The viewers learn that Carter’s (Kathryn Prescott) best friend Max (Alex Saxon) murdered Jared (Jackson Rathbone), Carter’s older boyfriend since he wanted to protect Carter from the guy. Max mustered a lot of courage to come clean to Carter about this and she convinced him to do the right things, i.e. to confess.

There is a massive cliffhanger in the finale of Finding Carter Season 3 and fans are desperate for MTV to take up the series for at least another season and clear the air on that matter.

With Max confessing to the murder after being coaxed by Carter, there are going to be some serious sibling issues that are still left to be explored. Carter’s sister Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron) was hell-bent on letting Lori (Milena Govich) take the blame and this might ruin their relationship for good.

With story much untapped story remaining, fans are hopeful that MTV will renew Finding Carter for the third season. There are views that the show is very different from every other show that’s currently on air and if MTV doesn’t renew it then they will lose out on a large number of viewership.

It is always said that the TRP of a show doesn’t necessarily reflect the show’s popularity. There are numerous viewers who end up watching the show online and this might reflect badly on the network’s rating.

However, for those who care, the numbers from Season 2 of Finding Carter are way better than that of Season 1. If this is an indication of how viewers have been drawn in to series, then MTV should seriously consider renewing the series.

Finding Carter Season 3

According to Inquisitr, Finding Carter Season 2 was very long with 24 episodes. There were instances of Jared’s relationship that was carried on for a very long time and was responsible for making many fans leave the show mid-way.

Season 2 also saw most of the focus shifting to Carter instead of Taylor who was one of the primary characters. Fans felt that in spite of all the mistakes, MTV did provide them a season with rich matter and it was more appealing since it dealt with some very sensitive teenage issues within the family.


  1. I think they should continue for about 6 season because it a good tv show + it could show a wedding for 3 people carter Taylor grant

  2. I think they should renew it. Everyone i know LOVES to watch it and is addicted to it. I haven’t heard not one negative comment or seen one negative comment about it where i live! They need to make more!

  3. Tbh there should really be more than 3 seasons, it’s a good show and honestly, I’m I’m addicted to carter’s relationship with crash, they’re so cute and to the show???? . More seasons please ????

  4. i think there should be a third season of finding carter , because it is really good . also the fans would like to know what next . because the finale left a very big cliffhanger .

  5. I love this show, and definitely think that it should be renewed. I will be very upset if it isnt, considering it’s the only thing I like that comes from mtv these days. It would show poor faith in the viewers to cancel and would anger the fans who were left with that cliffhanger and want another season so that certain plot lines can be resolved. I’m not sure how many seasons would be good for this show, because I’m not sure where the writers will take it, but I would love at least 2 more seasons. I can’t wait for season 2 to be released on dvd. I will preorder 100%

  6. Love this show they need to hurry up with season 3 then go from there to see if they can take it further its such a good show.

  7. If they don’t continue to make new seasons of finding Carter I’m gonna die I love this it’s different from any other show it it gets down deed unlike awkward or faking it it isn’t annoying I love this show maybe a little to much but the drama in it is amazing it like the TV show. Shameless but for teens it’s just interesting and I’m deep every single episode don’t ruin my life like fox did after canceling the Carrie diaries after I got all deep into it ..!!

  8. As a 29 year old mother to a 9 year old daughter…. this show presses all of my buttons. Why are 16 year olds moving in with boyfriends? Then again, I’m young enough to remember being 16 and knowing that a lot of this is really how it is… especially now a days. I love this show. I don’t know why I love this show, but I do. I seriously hope they continue with it.

  9. I am a 60+ year old Grandma that LOVES Finding Carter! It is smart, interesting, well written , has great characters that are still being explored, and the cliffhanger left me wanting more more more!
    Please renew for at least 1 more season.

  10. Finding Carter is an awesome show and so unlike anything on the air right now. My Mom and I were both instantly addicted from the beginning. I definitely think it should be renewed for a third season and more after that. Finding Carter is just getting started and I’d love to see the characters continue to grow and the new story plots. As well as the epic return of Ofe. (Fingers crossed).