FIFA 16 vs. PES 2016: FIFA Faces Its Toughest Competitor Yet!


Presently, there have been reports that gameplay trailers of PES 2016 suggest that it is way superior over EA Sports FIFA 16. Even then, EA Sports is quite optimistic that their game will beat anything that their rivals have to offer since they are counting on the excitement that can be provided by its famous football simulation game to its players.

Konami is primarily focused on gameplay and graphics improvements involving PES 2016. EA has mainly concentrated on the overall quality of the gameplay in FIFA 16 and has introduced a host of new features and improvements.

The developers are quite convinced that with the new features and improvements that have been introduced by them, result in this game resembling real-life football events. In the end, they believe that gamers will stick to FIFA 16 since the game has a lot to offer in terms of new content, various things to do, new features and much more.

EA Sports is also banking on the huge popularity that this game has enjoyed over the years, compared to that of the PES installments from Konami. FIFA wishes to hold on to its strong reputation even though its Japanese rivals have cooked up a lot of interesting features in the latest PES 2016.

According to a report from International Business Times, EA Sports has promised to bring a lot of new improvements and gameplay changes to FIFA 16 that will set it apart from its predecessors and rivals.

A detailed pre-season for Career Mode will be present when FIFA 16 launches in 22nd September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Players can also join the various pre-season friendly tournaments and before the start of the football season, they can travel through various locations like North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Ultimate Team Commentary will introduce different kinds of changes in the FIFA Ultimate Team. Furthermore, anyone who follows FIFA is already aware that FIFA 16 will come with 12 national teams from the women’s game for the first time and this includes those who are involved in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The extensive career mode training was a part of the franchise but FIFA has bumped it up further. The FUT draft mode has already been added and it will allow players to select and make their own dream football team.

Furthermore, you will notice great celebrations whenever someone scores a goal. This is mainly noticed in real-life football and further adds to this title’s simulation nature.

In the meantime, an avid gamer of FIFA games has posted a number of player faces of FIFA 16 on Twitter. This is after he was given access to the closed beta of the upcoming game developed by EA Sports.

At the same time, pictures of Manchester United youngsters Tyler Blackett, Paddy McNair, Andreas Pereira, and James Wilson was uploaded on Twitter by one of the testers.


He was further requested by players to provide further player faces. With a look at the latest player faces, many gamers declared that EA has done a really great job in rendering the players for FIFA 16. This upcoming game is being declared to be far superior compared to the previous installment.

In FIFA 16, the faces of football players which look quite realistic are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale among others. From the looks of it, players are quite happy about it. EA Sports announced that gameplay demo of FIFA 16 will be released in 9th September which will come two weeks ahead of the launch on various gameplay platforms.


  1. Pes has Fifa beat in gameplay,graphics and player animations! The players and goalkeepers move very realistic and that is a fact! Anybody saying that Fifa is better in gameplay is strictly nuts or just a fifa fanboy!

  2. Pes will win again this year, the new gameplay trailer is outta this world. Wow can’t wait to Play The Future 🙂