Fans Sign Petition To Move Girl Meets World Season 3 To Freeform, Guest Star And Spoilers Revealed!


The popular Disney show is ready to be back with its third season. While there are a lot of spoilers and rumors that are circulating about the show, there isn’t any announcement about the official release date yet.

Girl Meets World Season 3 will see the junior high kids moving on to high school. With the shift to the Abigail Adams High School, there are rumors that the show will bring in more complex issues into its fold.

There are some viewers who are of the opinion that the setting of the high school will bring in issues and topics that might not be fit for the audience base of Disney. Christian Today reported that fans are signing up a petition to move Girl Meets World Season 3 to Freeform, also known as ABC.

There is a growing demand amongst fans that Disney should shift the show to ABC or Freeform, as it is now known. The reason for this is that Disney Channel has some protocols and restrictions that aren’t there in ABC.

This will facilitate the show to grow naturally and will not force the writers to modify the story of Girl Meets World Season 3 just to meet the guidelines laid down by Disney.

There are rumors that Boy Meets World will deal with some very complex issues, which Girl Meets World wasn’t allowed to go for. The fans feel that the mature subject that the show is ready to handle, isn’t being given a green signal by the channel as they do not think that the audience is ready for it.

Some fans feel that this hampers the natural growth of the plot and the show will never be able to reach the full potential if it continued on Disney. Fans feel that the viewers who enjoy watching the show and want it to grow, should all come forward to sign the petition on

Even though the online petition had caught the attention of the fans and they just need 934 more signatures to reach the target, this isn’t the first time that such a petition has been launched for the show. The first petition to request for a shift of Girl Meets World happened some two years back, but Disney didn’t shift the series to ABC.

Boy Meets World, the spin-off from the original Disney series is aired on ABC and it has the freedom to explore different storylines that Girl Meets World will never be allowed to go ahead and deal with. After the petition reaches its target number of signatures, the viewers will have to wait and see if Disney decides to move the popular show to another channel to help it grow.

Girl Meets World Season 3

In other news related to Girl Meets World Season 3, Michael Jacobs, the creator of Girl Meets World has confirmed that Uriah Shelton will return in the series for the coming season.

Uriah Shelton will play the role of Uncle Josh. He will be returning after a long hiatus since he had been recuperating from an accident.

The creator added that they had thought of a lot of incidents that involved Uncle Josh, but they had to sideline it in Season 2 of Girl Meets World since Uriah Shelton had to recover from the accident. However, now that he is back, they are excited to get back on track with the stories.


  1. I wish they would move it over to freeform, it’s going good now but as they get older, I feel like Disney is going to ruin this show because they will be so stuck on treating the teenagers like little kids. As teens grow up they face serious issues and feelings, things that Disney won’t hit on because their whole channel is pretty much focused on young kids and preteens. I really hope the writers and producers consider moving the show to freeform, this channel has already proven how amazing they are at creating shows that show real world situations and still keeping it family friendly.

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