Fans Attack Arzaylea by Calling Her a Gold-Digger, Luke Hemmings Spotted Out On a Date with Her!


Arzaylea is one of the most popular faces in the social media currently. Being the girlfriend of the front man of a popular band always comes with the added baggage of being scrutinized by the media, but Arzaylea had been scrutinized and bad mouthed by the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer unlike any other girl who has dated a member of a band.

Arzaylea has been called a gold digger and there are people who claim that she is dating Luke Hemmings since she is power hungry and wants fame and fortune. Dating the front man of 5 Seconds of Summer will automatically place you on the tabloids and some fans believe that this is the sole reason why she is with Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings is the most popular member of the Australian band and he has a huge fan following. In the initial days there were a lot of discussion on whether Luke Hemmings is single or dating, but when he started being spotted with Luke Hemmings, the fans started attacking the poor girl.

Arzaylea had been blamed to be rude to the fans. She has been accused of asking the security to ask certain fans from being escorted out of a venue since she didn’t like the fact that they were going too close to Luke Hemmings. When Arzaylea started posting photos of Luke Hemmings on the social media, the fans had an issue with that too since they felt that he was rubbing their relationship on their face.

Arzaylea was the one who was hinting at the fact that she was dating Luke Hemmings while Luke Hemmings was completely silent about the whole issue and this caused more problems. The fans started attacking Arzaylea on the social media once again and called her a liar.

This time, Luke Hemmings decided to take matters into his own hand and he informed the world that he was indeed dating Arzaylea. He went for the Rolling Stone interview with her and made their relationship public. He said that Arzaylea is a very important person and has played a huge roll in changing him.

While this seemed to make things a little better, all the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer weren’t happy with the news. They felt that Arzaylea wasn’t good enough for Luke Hemmings and dug out details from the past to make it evident. Arzaylea is also older than her which seemed to make things more difficult.

Arzaylea had taken to apologize to the fans for hurting them and said that she is a normal girl like all of them except that she is dating a not so normal guy who happened to be very famous. While some fans had accepted the apology others ended up finding faults in it as well.


Arzaylea has now decided that she will give any more attention to what is being said to her on the social media. She responded saying that her parents have brought her up in a particular manner and they and those close to her know her for who she is and she doesn’t need approval from strangers.

Whether fans like it or not, Luke Hemmings is very happy with Arzaylea and that is what matters in the end. After having ended the south Asian leg of their Sounds live Feels Live tour, Luke Hemmings decided to take time off during the break and head to L.A to spend some time with Arzaylea.


  1. I now approve of both Bryana Holly and Arzaylea I think that Arzaylea is really a very nice, polite, kind, considerate and respectful girl towards the Fans and Luke Hemmings but why can’t she just show respect to Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford as well I also appreciate the fact that Both Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are both reaching out to 5SOS Fans so 5SOS Fans Please Show Respect To Arzaylea because after all she is just a Normal Girl dating a Not So Normal Person Luke Hemmings who is a Famous Person now so Please Show Respect To Both Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea.

  2. These so fans need to chill. They try to make Arzaylea look bad in every possible way. Let them be happy and grow up people! Let Luke and Arzaylea be happy.