Expendables 4: Rumors about Star Cast, Stallone Writing the Script and Scoop about New Villains!


Sylvester Stallone is going all out to make sure that Expendables 4 is set to become a big affair. Stallone being the producer is looking for new faces to add to the star cast of the film. There were rumors that he was likely to star Justin Bieber has an action star in Expendables 4, but it looks that the news was merely a rumor.

Expendables 3 had disappointed fans and hence Stallone isn’t leaving any stones unturned to make sure that the upcoming installment of the franchise is a success. The last film according to fans was low on action and masculine pride and that is exactly what Expendables 4 is going to focus on.

There are rumors that Stallone has already brought WWE legend Hulk Hogan on board for Expendables 4. While there has been no official confirmation yet, Hulk Hogan has himself come out and informed that Stallone had approached him to be a part of the film.

Hulk Hogan is going to be cast as a villain in Expendables 4 and there are rumors that he might turn out to be the meanest villain that Hollywood has seen for a very long time. Hulk Hogan said that he and Stallone have been friends for a long time now and it was he who had given Hulk his first break.

Hulk Hogan joked that he might not be able to jump as far or as fast as he could do once upon a time, but Hollywood can always get stuntmen to help him out if need be. While no other scoop regarding the role has been revealed, it sure looks like things are shaping up well for the upcoming film.

Hulk Hogan will have company as a bad guy in Expendables 4. He is going to have Dwayne Johnson joining him in the movie. Dwayne Johnson has expressed desire that he wants to become a baddie in the Expendables. He doesn’t want to be in Stallone’s team, but rather wants to beat them all up.

There were reports that Sylvester Stallone is having second thoughts about Expendables 4, but his team is confident that he will make it happen. Jason Statham has told Cinema Blend that Expendables is a dream come true since he gets to work with Stallone.

Statham has said that he will reprise his role in Expendables as many times as Stallone wants him to since he is a big fan of his. He has grown up watching his films and to be directed by him and star with him in the same movie is a big deal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has informed that Expendables 4 is going to become a reality since everyone is keen on being a part of it, but the script needs to be a solid one. Expendables franchise has always had a great plot with lots of action and humor and Expendables 4 needs to have something better to offer.

The Expendables 4

In the earlier part of this year there were reports of Stallone meeting boxing star Manny Pacquaio. It was said that Pacquaio was invited by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone to be a part of Expendables 4. Although the boxer has a busy schedule with practicing and matches, he seemed keen on the opportunity.

Expendables 4 might even see Bollywood action hero Salman Khan become a part of the successful franchise. VC Post has said that Stallone has invited Salman Khan to be a part of the film. However, the actor has not responded to the offer.


  1. Best action film ever! Its a must to keep going! Dont stop, keep the surprises coming! I know as well as others that the 4th movie will be yet the best! Definitely keep up the good work!!

  2. When Jet Li say goodbye on the plane in EX2. And take a photo and doesn’t show up, I thought deep down he stuck in China about some ”family probem”. In EX1 he mention about his family, but even Barney Ross doesn’t believe him. So I hoped in EX3 JEt Li needs some help. Maybe somebody trapped his elderly brother ( JACKIE CHAN ). Because Jackie Chan was one of the founder of ORIGINAL Expendables team.
    The Originals: Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal
    That’s why Jet Li in the new Expendables team, because his sibling (Jackie) offer him to Barney Ross 🙂

  3. Please stay with the original stars. Sly,, Dolph Arnold, Jason,, and all the others. I’m not interested in seeing unknowns but want the guys who made these kinds of movies so exciting in the first place. Bring back Bruce too

  4. @steven saint -good man that could be a good plot you should try ur hand in writing..keep exploring

  5. i think its great there’ll b 2 or more villains cause with the amount of heroes there need 2 b more villains 2 even it out i think there’ll b more characters that were former expendables like mel gibsons conrad stonebanks i think it’ll b rated R but I don’t care about the rating and i trust stallone 2 cum up with a great story

  6. @Cheryl Brigner Bruce Willis won’t be back. Stallone tried to get him back in it after the last one he was in. Rumor has it he wanted more money for his role and his ego got in the way. So Stallone moved on from him.

  7. Pienso que silvestre stallone no debería interesarse en estrellas de la lucha libre WWE ni por Boxeadores, siendo una película de acción que supuestamente le hace homenaje alas viejas leyendas de accion, debería interesarse más por llegar a acuerdos con JACKIE CHAN,KURT RUSSEL,STEVEN SEAGAL,DANNY CHAN,NICOLAS CAGE,JOHN TRAVOLTA,etc …Que Realmente resaltarían la película y son los indicados de la única buena elección que hizo fue la de THE ROCK y no lo digo por su carrera en la WWE si no por su filmografía.