Expendables 4: Hulk Hogan Included in the Star Cast, The Rock Keen on Being a Villain, And More Details


The latest news from Expendables 4 is that Dwayne Johnson is going to be a part of the film. With the third installment of Expendables not doing very well, producer Sylvester Stallone is going all out to make sure that Expendables 4 matches up to the expectations of all the fans.

Apart from The Rock, Hulk Hogan is also set to be a part of the upcoming film. Latinos Post reported that Hulk Hogan himself confirmed this news stating that he has been a friend of Sylvester Stallone for a while now and he couldn’t say no when he approached him to be part of his film.

Hulk Hogan told Cinema Blend that he is set to be become the nastiest villain in the history of Hollywood and they are still working on how to achieve that in Expendables 4.

Hulk Hogan was given his first break by Stallone himself and the two have been firm friends since that time and it was the time to repay back the favor and Hogan didn’t think twice before agreeing to be a part of Expendables 4.

Stallone and Hogan have been discussing about the latter’s role and decided that they can always take the help of a stunt man to make Hogan’s character jump if they needed. Hogan joked that although he can run and fight, he might have some trouble making those long jumps.

Hulk Hogan and Stallone have previously worked in Rocky III in 1982. If Hulk Hogan is indeed cast as the main villain for Expendables 4 then he would join the ranks of Mel Gibson and Jean-Claude Van Damme who have been in the villains in the previous films in the Expendable franchise.

Dwayne Johnson also revealed that he is keen on playing the role of the villain in Expendables 4. He said that he doesn’t want to be in the team of the heroes and neither does he want to be friends with them.

What he wants is to beat them up after hunting them all down. The wrestler turned actor who was recently a part of the movie San Andreas spoke to fans at an AMA session and revealed his keen desire to be a part of Expendables 4.

By the look of it, the Expendables will have to deal with two of the best fighters in the upcoming film with both Hulk Hogan and The Rock becoming the villains. This was the last update that had come from Expendables 4. Fans are waiting for more updates keenly and they hope that the same comes their way fast.

The Expendables 4

In an interview with USA Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been a part of Expendables 3 has said that there is enough room in the franchise to come with more sequels. He said that he loves the franchise and has asked Stallone to keep writing the Expendables 4 or find someone else to do it for him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also loves the idea of the ensemble cast for the movie, with some of the best action stars from the industry coming in together in a single film. The film is a great mix of action and humor and that is what its USP.


  1. Bring back Ronda Rousey. Besides a main villain. What the expendables needs besides many regular forces to shoot a tear to pieces it’s a little rivalry with actors who had previously played secondary villains. Daniel Bernhardt, Nick Chinlund, Andrew Howard, Karel Roden, Johnny Messner, Cyril Raffaelli, Matt Nable, Andrei Arlovski, Stu Bennett