Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Plan on Getting Hitched, Second Baby Should Be Coming Soon as Well!


The festive season is around the corner and as a result, everyone is in a mood for celebrations. The same goes for Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling who have been in a relationship for four years and are planning to take it to the next level. From the looks of it, the couple is planning for some major changes in 2016.

The reports indicate that the couple is thrilled about being parents to their only child Esmeralda but they simply can’t wait to have another soon. By Christmas next year, the couple might end up presenting a special someone to their Esmeralda, probably a baby brother or a sister.

However, things are about to get pretty exciting in the life of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. This is because planning a next kid isn’t the only thing in their to-do-list right now. Reports indicate that Esmeralda’s parents are planning to get married pretty soon. However, Gosling earlier mentioned that he doesn’t wish to get married and being a husband is not something that he aspires to be.

Therefore, considering the current reports, Ryan Gosling has had a major change of heart. According to insider sources, Ryan Gosling fell in love with Eva Mendes all over again, after she became a mother. According to the same sources, both of them feel that marriage makes sense at the moment.

The couple has been dating for about four years and therefore, they should be quite ready to take the plunge. The same sources further revealed that they don’t really want it to be a grand affair. They simply want close friends and family to attend this event. They simply don’t desire an “over-the-top-spectacle”.

While the couple is planning the list of their invitees for their low-key affair wedding, people are wondering whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl next. Reports indicate that the actor would love a baby boy next but considering the happiness they have received from Esmeralda, a baby girl sounds great too.

Ryan Gosling loves being a dad but reports suggest that he is looking forward to a new chapter in his life, by being a loving husband. The actor finally revealed that he is finally with the person he wants to be for the rest of his life and isn’t looking for anything else at the moment.

Meanwhile, things are getting pretty complicated with Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling along with Emma Stone. Recently, Ryan crushed any rumors of he and Eva breaking up and sources further indicate that Emma Stone isn’t too happy with this development.

Yibada states that Emma is pretty devastated about Ryan Gosling crushing any rumors regarding his breakup with Eva Mendes and further clarifying that he is perfectly happy with the woman he is supposed to be with.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

During one of his interviews, Ryan was asked about the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and he clearly declared Eva’s name. When asked about the breakup rumors, he debunked all of it and simply declared that he is looking forward to celebrate a wonderful Christmas with his daughter Esmeralda and partner Eva Mendes.

All the rumors began when some news surfaced regarding Emma and Ryan’s closeness and this started to affect Eva and she got pretty jealous of it. Earlier, it was reported that during the filming of ‘La La Land’, Eva Mendes would constantly keep tabs on Ryan by calling him up or visiting him on the sets of the movie.


  1. everyone knows that rg probably stays with em because of the baby. it is very obvious she got herself pregnant to snag rg and it worked . he probably really doesnt want to be married but she is forcing the issue and holding the baby over his head.and he knows it. she is too old for him and she planned the entire thing.rg still belongs with rachel mcadams. em is still and always will be a very jealous female and will stay insecure around names like mcadams and she as well as all of us fans of rg know it.