Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Release Anytime Soon While Bethesda Focuses On Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2, More Details


In case you are waiting for the next installment in the Elder Scrolls Franchise, rest assured that it won’t be releasing anytime soon. Bethesda has decided to focus all of their efforts on the upcoming Fallout 4 and the development of Elder Scrolls 6 has taken a backseat for now. Therefore, whatever it’s called, enthusiasts will have to wait a little while longer.

Further disappointing reports indicate that even after Fallout 4 is released in November, Elder Scrolls 6 will continue occupying the backseat indefinitely as Bethesda keeps providing support and necessary patches with bug fixes for the Fallout 4.

The teams which are responsible for the development of both these titles are necessarily the same and they do not prefer dividing their time between two different projects at once. Pete Hines, Bethesda VP, declared to MCV UK that Fallout 4 has the potential to top Skyrim and end up becoming their biggest release ever.

He stated that it is their job to hold a megaphone to the game and after that it’s all up to the game to decide how much noise it wishes to generate. According to him, Skyrim was a pretty big deal but they have no idea as to how big Fallout 4 will be, when it releases. After Skyrim released in November 2011, 3.4 million copies of this game was sold in a matter of 2 days and till June 2011, already 20 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Hines further stated that it is quite rare to own two franchises which are massive hits and listen to people joking about when Skyrim 2 is going to release. According to him, this is what most people expect from game developers at the moment, which is, a sequel to be expected within the next couple of years. Pete clearly stated that things don’t work that way in Bethesda.

Inquisitr further reported that the Pete Hines talking about a ‘Skyrim 2’ indicates that the game will not be a follow-up on Oblivion or Morrowind. According to some fans, the story will circulate around Black Marsh or Argonia and all we need to do is wait and watch. The report further stated that official information on Elder Scrolls 6 might be revealed some time in 2017.

Meanwhile, it is clear at the moment that fans that were waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 should instead focus on Fallout 4 at the moment. All the latest reports suggest that Bethesda will not be developing an Elder Scrolls 6 soon and they are stressing on the release of Fallout 4. In the meantime, it is also clear that Pete Hines has really high hopes about the Fallout franchise.

He told IGN that Bethesda Game Studios pushes the limits in a game to an extent which other games and franchises don’t even think about. According to the development team, this is the biggest and the most ambitious game that they have made so far. Furthermore, this is a pretty major goal from the guys who were responsible for Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls 6

A lot of reports have speculated that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be releasing before 2018. Todd Howard, the Game Director, claimed that they prefer to take time when making a title like Elder Scrolls 6 in order to make sure that it is ready before they even reveal anything about it. They do not wish to reveal a half-finished product to the public. Hines further debunked rumors about 2016 and 2017 releases which clearly indicate a possible 2018 release for Elder Scrolls 6.


  1. Pete Hines may be mistaken about fallout 4 surpassing Skyrim. I love the Elder Scrolls series and have no desire to purchase Fallout 4. I am certain I am not the only TES fan that feels that way either. I do not have an issue with Fallout being released but Bethesda is screwing up because TES is the cash cow for them.

  2. I have been waiting for the next TES as immersive as morrowind was when I first started playing it. Infact Morrowind was my meth and the quality of it fell as Oblivion and Skyrim did not fulfill my expectations. If us TES fans have to wait so long then the next installment must be as crack like addictive as Morrowind was for me.