Elder Scrolls 6: Release Date Rumors, Bethesda to Rework Skill System, And More


The Elder Scrolls gaming franchise consists of a series of action role-playing games by American game developing company Bethesda Game Studios. The last addition to the series, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim which was initially released in 2011 was a huge hit among gamers.

Since then there has been a long anticipation among gamers regarding the next installment of Elder Scrolls game- The Elder Scrolls 6.

Bethesda follows a trend of releasing a new game every five years and keeping this pattern in mind it could be assumed that Elder Scrolls 6 may be released in the current year as its predecessor had a 2011 release. However, no announcements regarding the game’s specific release date have been made by the developer till date.

Rumors were doing rounds on the internet that the game will be based off Morrowind or Oblivion. However, these rumors were shot down by Pine Hine, the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at Bethesda Studios, in an interview with The Telegraph.

He further stated that the delay in the release of Elder Scrolls 6 is due to the fact that the company always tries to develop something which is worth noting. It is not that sort of company that gets multiple publishers for a game and keeps releasing games at quick succession. They try to maintain a certain standard or quality in their work and do not run after creating and releasing games at a huge scale.

Elder Scrolls 5 had previously received kudos from both fans and critics for its intriguing gameplay and detailed interface. It could be assumed that the developers will try to incorporate the same traits in the next installment of the game while also trying to improve the experience at the same time.

It was earlier stated by Pine Hines that the game won’t be released anytime soon as the developer is currently focused on Fallout 4 which was released recently. He further added that after the release of the game, the team will be busy working on the DLCs for the game. According to him, the company will start the development process of Elder Scrolls 6 only when it can afford to employ its entire task force on the game.

With the absence of concrete news regarding the game, rumors are going around that the game might make its appearance in the market during the holiday season of 2018.

It was also being rumored that the game might come with a multiplayer mode. This rumor however need not be taken seriously because of the fact that there has been no single player releases from Bethesda for quite some time and thus it is highly doubtful that the developers will opt for a multiplayer mode for Elder Scrolls 6.

Speculations are also running wild regarding the title of the game. Certain reports stated that the game might be called Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia. Elder Scrolls 6: Redguard is also a strong contender when the title of the game is in question due to the fact that Bethesda Studios holds a copyright over the title Redguard. However, there is also a strong possibility that the game might be called Skyrim 2, as that was what it was referred to by Pine Hines in an interview with The Telegraph.

The delay in the release of the game has got fans into speculating whether the developers are considering reworking the skill system of the game. In the previous installment, Skyrim, players reportedly faced difficulties handling the complex Skill system of the game.

Elder Scrolls 6

To ensure that this issue does not repeat itself, the developers should focus on reworking the skill system and giving it a much less complicated look in Elder Scrolls 6.

Reports from a renowned website are also stating that since Elder Scrolls online was released earlier this year, there won’t be another Elder Scrolls game anytime soon.


  1. Just tell me its a 64bit game and not another 32bit/3.5GB memory limit mess; we can all do without the recurring Bethesda character “Crashes-to-Desktop”.

  2. Complicated skill system? It’s already been so dumbed down with each installment since Morrowind… How could they simplify it any more without ruining any last illusion of a truly customizable character skillset?? They already stripped the core attributes affecting potential skilla completely, placed al melee weapon skills into one category, eliminated entire spell classes, and watered down widespread hatred of kahjit. what could they possibly simplify more?