Duck Dynasty: Korie Talks About Her Favorite Passage from the Bible, Sadie Supports the Army, Willie Fulfills His Dreams, And More


Korie Robertson, the wife of Willie Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, is out promoting her new book Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed.

Korie has been working on it with her mother, Chrys Howard. Korie is a devout Christian and she talks about bringing up children while infusing in them kindness and strength, which are God’s gifts to humankind.

Korie Robertson has also shared a few of her favorite passages from the Bible. She recently uploaded a photo of a verse from the Bible. Korie is fond of verses Roman 12:9 to 13 that talks about love that is pure. She asks her followers to hold on to good things while removing all the evil elements from their lives.

She has also urged people to fill their lives with zeal and to be kind and hospitable to those in need. Korie hoped that she was living a life where she could live up to the things that she preaches. Korie wants to teach parents the manner in which they can prepare their children to live.

She writes in her book that the parents are the role models that the children look up to and if the parents teach the children to deal with all the difficult phases of their lives, they will lead a fulfilling life. She also urged parents to inculcate in children the habit of being kind to everyone that they come across in their lives.

Sadie Robertson took to the social media to make her family’s religious stand very clear. She said that even before the television series, her family was very religious and their Christian roots run deep, and isn’t something that she made up for the camera.

Sadie Robertson recently took to the social media to show her support for the army. She said that she is thankful to those who serve the country and she prays and thanks them for their service.

Sadie Robertson also shared a photo of herself wearing a military inspired outfit. She urged her Instagram followers to comment on the photo with their insight on these great individuals who serve the country and the photo gathered more than 500 comments.

The Robertsons had a word with the Duggars, the family in 19 Kids and Counting, and spoke to them about a life under the glare of the camera. Both shows are running successfully and have a unique fan base!

Missy and Jase Robertson spoke to Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald recently and gave them insights on how to deal with the negative publicity that 19 Kids and Counting has been receiving.

People Magazine reported that the Robertson couple spoke to Jessa and Jill about forgiveness and to take responsibility of their actions. However, whether the Duggars have taken the advice or not remains unclear.

Duck Dynasty Season 9

The fans of 19 Kids and Counting were shocked when they found out about Josh Duggar’s sexual encounters and about his molestation of young girls in his teenage years. His recent activities on an adult website also made the news and there was a huge uproar about it. The scandals were so grave that TLC had to take a decision to axe the show.

Inquisitr reported that the Duck Dynasty stars told the Duggar family that now when they are starting their new spin-off series, they shouldn’t be worried about the camera. Rather they should keep doing what they feel is right because it’s their life.


  1. Duck Dynasty is a great show! Something the whole family can watch & has very good influence(Biblical)!!! I’ve always enjoyed watching just wish they could come back on!☺ We need more shows like this on tv. Something with a good influence on our kids today!!!They really Need it!!!