Dota 2, CS: GO’s Increasing Popularity and the Former’s Cycle of Potential!


Since the last two years, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has completely exploded. They are currently on the top two spots on Steam’s most played list, and they seem to have secured a concrete position up there. It’s highly difficult to think of any title that can dethrone them. However, right now something more interesting is taking place. The number of people who are playing CS: GO and Dota 2 are increasing at such an alarming rate that they presently threaten to get bigger than all other Steam titles combined.

Thanks to the major increase of Steam players worldwide, there are enough people playing other games so as to prevent CS: GO or Dota 2 eclipsing them. Steam’s massive growth is partially attributed to the increasing popularity of these titles. Within two years, the player base of Counter Strike increased by almost twentyfold, from 12,585 players in 2012 to 246,870 in 2015.

Although Dota 2’s growth is half as fast, its player base is twice as great. Statistics shows that there has been an increase from 57,625 average concurrent players in 2012 to 585,719 players in 2015. People can easily play Dota 2 since it is a free-to-play title and quite undemanding in nature. It is highly unsurprising to predict that most players join Steam simply to play Dota 2. Currently, 40% of the gamers on Steam play CS: GO and Dota 2. Hence, it won’t be too long before this duo starts to command 50%. Since both of these titles are Valve-developed, it should be a major achievement for Gabe Newell and company.

Dota 2

Meanwhile, one aspect that Dota 2 fans simply adore is the drama involved in it. It could be a friction between Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao’s earlier and present teammates or the fall of Na’Vi’s champion status. No doubt the game is quite interesting, but it’s the drama behind the matches that keep the spectators addicted to one team over another. It’s no surprise, considering how often players wish to shuffle randomly.