Doom Enters Old-School Tradition with Beta Keys at Your Local GameStop, New Trailer Shows Playable Demons and Power-Ups!


The upcoming Doom game is just over a month away but before it hits the shores, Bethesda will be doing some last-minute testing through a big multiplayer beta. Till now, the only confirmed way of getting into Doom Beta was through a code which came with early copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

However, Wolfenstein was released nearly 2 years back. What will happen to folks, who didn’t plan ahead, bought used Wolfenstein or simply lost their codes? Bethesda seems to have gone old school and will be releasing beta codes at various physical GameStop locations.

It will begin at 6pm on 1st April and this is probably not an April fool’s joke. At the same time, it would be funny if everyone who showed up received a download code for Daikatana instead.

Codes will continue to be given away till 3rd April. This is a really cool move from Bethesda and this seems to be a nice throwback to the 90s when everyone traded the shareware version of Doom on floppy disks. The beta will begin on 31st March and people who already have their Wolfenstein codes will get a minor jump on things. The game will officially hit store shelves on 13th May.

Most of us gamers know that we can do the Carlton dance in Destiny but from the looks of it, now we can do the Carlton dance in Doom as well. Ian Higton, Eurogamer Video Supremo dipped his toes into the Doom Closed Beta and he uncovered four new taunts.

One of them is the Carlton dance that was made famous by the TV Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You can also check it out in a recently released video. At the moment, there are four taunts available, Dance 1 (the Carlton dance), Horns Metal, Kiss to Crowd and Wave 1. The names suggest that there are many more taunts to come. Unlike Destiny, you don’t need to buy these taunts using in-game currency.

Moreover, there is nothing that has been seen so far, which suggests that you have to buy them in the main game either. In order to perform a taunt, you need to hit a button on the D-pad. In the video, Ian explores other customization options like armor color, armor details, and armor pattern.

The level of dirt and scratches can be set in armor details. Weapons can also be customized in a similar fashion. The closed beta for Doom will run from 3am Friday, 1st April to 5am on Monday, 4th April, UK time.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for the upcoming Doom game and it has some pretty sick content! It shows the various demon transformations, power ups along with power weapons which are available in multiplayer.

The release of Doom is simply a couple of months away and considering that, Bethesda is working to get gamers totally hyped about the game’s multiplayer setting. The hype train was started earlier this week when developers decided to reveal the game’s six different multiplayer modes. Right now, players have received a look at power-ups and power weapons available, which can further be utilized in multiplayer.


There will be four playable demons in Doom which players can transform into by collecting power-ups which are hidden throughout the multiplayer maps.

In the new trailer, two of these demons have been showcased: The Baron of Hell and the Prowler. The former is a major behemoth capable of ripping apart humans with ease. The Prowler, on the other hand, is a fast-moving beast which can cling to walls.


  1. They claim pre-order isn’t required, but i had to throw down cash to get my code. Got home, booted up the PC, couldn’t find redemption information anywhere on Gamestop’s website. Went to the Doom Beta registration website, put in my code…..INVALID!. Last time i waste my time with this company.

  2. If you go to the Doom website it has platform specific instructions for installing the beta. Mine is for PS4 and is working fine. If you call your local GameStop I’m sure they’ll be able to walk you through the process. Don’t get frustrated and miss out.