Doctor Who Season 10: Moffat and Capaldi Leaving After the Season, Replacement for Coleman!


There are a lot of speculations and rumors surrounding Doctor Who Season 10. It is one of the most popular and long running series on television and has a huge fan base. Steven Moffat who is the show-runner for the series decided to clear some air regarding the upcoming series from BBC.

There were speculation that Peter Capaldi will not be returning as Doctor Who in Doctor Who Season 10, but Steven Moffat made it very clear while talking to Breathe Cast that BBC is going to bring back Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who in the latest season.

Mirror UK reported that Peter Capaldi is ready to play the role of Doctor Who for at least one more season. It also added that that Capaldi realizes the kind of popularity the character of Doctor Who enjoys and have agreed to continue playing the role as long as his fans and the BBC want him to do so.

Peter Capaldi had been playing the role of Doctor Who for three years now and he had already decided to complete his storylines before bidding adieu to this role. However, fans can rest in peace since Doctor Who Season 10 will see Peter Capaldi returning in the role of Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi spoke to The Telegraph and said that while he enjoys playing the role of Doctor Who, he wants to try other things and he might decide to make Doctor Who Season 10 his last outing in the shoes of the legendary character.

He said that he always knew that he will not continue playing the role of Doctor Who and will decide to move on and he feels that the time has come.Peter Capaldi is the thirteenth actor to play the role of Doctor Who.

He took up the role from Matt Smith in 2013. Doctor Who is an alien who time travels in a spaceship that looks like the police box that was found in old Britain. He travels with a companion played by Jenna Coleman until Season 9 when she left the show. There is no news about who is set to play the role in Doctor Who Season 10.

While fans of Doctor Who will be excited to hear about the upcoming tenth episode, they are sure to feel sad about the news that Peter Capaldi might leave the show after this season.

To make matters worse, Steven Moffat has also revealed that Doctor Who Season 10 will be his last season as well. According to Music Times, Steven Moffat is trying to look for a person who will replace him. He had been working as the show-runner for Doctor Who since 2010.

While talking to Radio Time, Moffat did agree that he is planning on leaving the show and that he is actively looking for someone to replace him, but he didn’t add more to it. He promised fans that he will not leave the show leaving behind a huge gap. He said that Doctor Who is a very difficult series to make and he added that leaving the series is equally hard.

Doctor Who Season 10

Moffat said that he is surprised at the huge amount of work he has put into Doctor Who. He said that he will not leave Doctor Who because he is having a hard time working on the project, he will choose to leave the series only because he will take up another one.

Doctor Who was reprised by Russell T. Davies in 2005, who wrote until David Tennant was the Doctor and Moffat took up the job since 2010 when Peter Capaldi joined.


  1. I do hope Steven doesn’t leave totally. He is a genius in the way to interweave episodes with clues from one season to the next!
    Yes, I was one who gave him a hard time of it (taking over for Russell T.) but once I saw his genius I came ’round rather quickly. I am sorry, Steven! Please, I don’t want (you) to go. (Insert David’s regeneration face here).
    Is there a chance that Russell T. might come back to share the writing? I think that worked well as the transition of you taking over happened.
    I fear if you can’t find the consistence you both have had in managing the show, the Doctor may finally die before Season 12. Please, take great care to find the next proper nurturer of this wonderful show.

  2. Regarding Dr. Who, I hope ir returns but it would be interesting to continue the Christmas special with the Lady who plays river and Peter C. They clicked better than coleman and him.

  3. This is excellent news unless Moffet and Capaldi end up killing The Doctor before season 11 has a chance to take off. They may have already done so with the abysmal ending of season 9 which completely invalidated The Doctor’s 700 year stay on Trenselor and 11’s regeneration.