Did Luke Hemmings’ Comment About Having Fun During the Tour Make Arzaylea Head to Japan? Let’s See


5 Seconds of Summer is on their Sounds Good Feels Good tour in Japan. The tour is going to take the boys from Japan to Europe, to Central America, United States, Canada and finally Australia. It is expected to last for over eight months and there were speculations that Arzaylea, Luke Hemmings girlfriend will not be joining them for the tour.

She was expected to join the band only while they were touring US. However, it looks like Arzaylea couldn’t afford to stay away from Luke Hemmings any further and had headed to Japan.

She had shared a lot of videos and photos of the boys performing. However, the fans aren’t very happy with the fact that Arzaylea has tagged along with the boys to Japan.

Movie News Guide reported that Luke Hemmings was late for one of the rehearsals and fans had immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was because of some drama that Arzaylea might have caused.

Luke Hemmings had to come clean about his relationship with Arzaylea since the 5 Seconds of Summer fans were targeting her and calling her a liar since there were no proofs of Luke Hemmings actually dating her. Luke, however, wasn’t very public on the social media and was happy with the fact that Arzaylea was the more active of the two.

However, it looks like Luke Hemmings had shared a lyric for Arzaylea. Luke shared the Andrew McMohan song stating that of all the things that his eyes had seen, she is by far the best. While the fans have assumed that the lyric is meant for them, there are some who believe that the post is a cryptic message for his girlfriend.

The fans who are now softening to the idea of Luke Hemmings being with Arzaylea feel that it was Luke Hemmings’ cryptic message that made her head to Tokyo to be with the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer.

Arzaylea initially didn’t have any plans on tagging along and she still might not have plans of being with them for the whole course of the tour.

Youth Health Magazine reported that with the recent comment made by Luke Hemmings about the boys having sex with the fans while they are on tour, it is not a surprise that Arzaylea has decided to head to Japan to be with her man.

Luke Hemmings had reported told Rolling Stone Magazine that the band has a lot of fun while they are on tour. With four boys in a tour bus and with so many girls going crazy after them, there are bound to be some instances of good fun. He added that the boys have a good time when they are on tour.

Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings had met a party last year and the two had gotten along really well. They bonded over their taste for music and became good friends before deciding to start dating. Arzaylea had been very open about the fact that she was dating Luke Hemmings and this wasn’t liked by the fans.


With no sign of any reciprocation from the front-man of 5 Seconds of Summer, Arzaylea was termed as a liar for calling herself the girlfriend of Luke Hemmings. The whole fandom had turned against her when Luke Hemmings took her along for the Rolling Stone interview and made it very clear that she was with him.

Luke Hemmings said that it was hard hiding his relationship with Arzaylea. He wanted it to be a secret so that he could lead a normal life with her, but then he also didn’t want it to remain a secret since he was so happy about it and wanted everyone to be aware of it.


  1. If Luke Hemmings is Happy then I’m Happy although I still don’t approve of Luke Hemmings having a Relationship with Arzaylea 5SOS are my happiness and if they’re upset that makes me upset because I want them to be happy Honestly Luke Hemmings is so sweet and a Really Nice Guy I know that even though I and Luke Hemmings have never met before but I might get to meet Luke Hemmings and The 5SOS Boys Themselves in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Sounds Live, Feels Live Tour 2016 on 25-04-16 next month in April 2016.

  2. There`s a reason the fan hate arzaylea and reason is that she is an annoying ass bitch who doesn`t know how give luke space. if she was a nice person why would the boys hate her, I mean you can tell that the boys don`t like.There has to be a reason to that, also arzaylea portrays herself as someone who has too much time in her hands, doesn`t she have a job?