Derek Morgan Leaves Criminal Minds Season 11, Showrunner Says Replacement Will Happen Next Season!


Fans of Criminal Minds Season 11 were shocked with the exit of Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). Derek had been abducted and tortured by a man and he had gone ahead to chase the person, but ended up putting himself in more danger. The incident taught Derek that there are certain aspects of his life that is precious and he has been risking it everyday while at work.

Shemar Moore has informed ABC News that the character of Derek Morgan isn’t out of the series for good. Derek isn’t dead and this hints that there is high chance of the character coming back to the show sooner or later. Shemar Moore said that he decided to take a break from Criminal Minds since he had to focus on his personal life and also see what else is there for him to do.

E! News reported that Shemar Moore was surprised to find out that his character wasn’t killed off on the show. He revealed that he didn’t know what was in store for Derek after the abduction. He had no clue what would be happening since he doesn’t have any role in the writing part. All he does is show up and memorize his lines and then bring his character to life.

Erica Messer had told Moore that given the huge fan following that the character of Derek Morgan enjoyed, the writers will work towards a hero’s goodbye for him. Moore revealed that the last episode was one of the proudest moments in his career and he loved the fact that Messer has left the door open for his possible return if he so desires.

Morgan said that he wants to focus on his personal life now. He is still single, so he wants to fall in love, get married and have kids and travel.

He said that he wants to find balance and walk his dog or a longer time. He said that these things are difficult to do when he is under a schedule and hence he is going to be focus on then now that he is fee.

Parent Herald reported that Shemar Moore said that he wanted to take a break from the series like actors like Denzel Washington and George Clooney when they had been part of different shows. He made it very clear that he wasn’t comparing himself to the great actors, but he said that he wants to take a break to focus on greater things.

Criminal Minds Season 11

While fans are still coping with the fact that Derek Morgan is gone from Criminal Minds, another familiar face is going to come back in Season 11 of Criminal Minds.

In order to fill up Derek Morgan’s space, Emily Prentiss is going to return into the team. She had previously been on the show and had worked with Matthew Grey Gubler and Joe Mantegna and fans will see them working together once again.

Prentiss is now working for the Interpol and in order to catch their UnSub who is an international killer, the team at FBI’s Behavioral Analyst Unit will have to seek help from their former partner. Prentiss isn’t making a comeback into Criminal Minds Season 11. She is going to be a part of the series only for a special appearance and might be asked to make such similar comebacks later as well.


  1. The fan base of Criminal minds should certainly understand that Shemar needed a break. I’m really glad his character wasn’t killed off. Morgan’s strong relationship with Garcia and Reid would really leave a hole in the story line if he was killed off. Garcia and Reid would probably both go over the deep end and then where would the writers go? I for one would love to see Shemar come back from hiatus to resume his role when he’s ready. Of course everyone is replaceable but I would rather see a family reunion.

  2. When original cast members start to leave after a long run, the series starts to lose its attraction, especially when you have a cast that fits perfectly together. When Mandy Pantikin left, and I hated to see him go, replacing him wih Joe Mantegna was the perfect replacement. That is rare. When Jeanne Triplehorn left, Jennifer Love-Hewitt stepped in and she just did not fit the role or the series. Criminal Minds was totally out of her league, and I like her. This also falls true with Aisha Tyler. She’s okay, however, she does not appear relaxed. She looks so uncomfortable in her role. She comes across as just acting. The other actors and actresses give the feeling that what we are watching is really happening in the present, as the story unfold.

    This current cast, along with Shemar Moore, Paget Bruster, and minus Aisha Tyler, should remain intact. They are definitely what makes this show exceptional. Just like Grey’s Anatomy, if actors and actresses continue to disappear, eventually ratings will drop. It is no longer exciting. It is not just about the characters, it’s about the actors and actresses that play the characters alive that we believe they are the character in real life. That is great acting!

  3. Please note comment above, last word at end of 1st paragraph should be plural, “unfolds.” and the last sentence in the last paragraph should read:

    “play the lives of the characters that gives us the sense that they are the character in real life. That is great acting!”

    Sorry about the errors, my bad.