David Giuntoli Reports That Season 6 Will Be the End of Grimm, Number of Episodes Have Been Reduced to 13!


Season 5 of Grimm ended with many cliffhangers and fans are pretty excited for the upcoming 6th season. However, fans will be disappointed to know that season 6 will have 13 episodes instead of 22 episodes that aired in Season 5. Deadline reports that the network has decided to reduce the number of episodes in order to plan for its fall 2016 schedule.

During an interview with TV Line, David Greenwalt, the executive producer of the series said that they have been granted 13 episodes, which is more than half of the season.However, this may or not may not be the last season.

There are various things that fans don’t know yet. The makers are thinking about arcs for the next year and depending on the episode order, they will be able to determine how long it takes. According to the website, several rumors have surfaced on the internet but there won’t be a time jump between seasons.

Moreover, there is a possibility that Adalind and Nick’s relationship will be properly explored in the next season when Juliette appears to be a threat to them. Nick could also be adversely affected with Diana’s presence.

After the death of Bonaparte, Renard could be the new antagonist. Meanwhile, David Giuntoli talked to TV Insider and said that Season 6 could be the last season of Grimm.

According to him, this could be the last season. When you are considering network TV, it seems like 6 seasons, is where it ends. He confirmed the fact that they will be doing shortened seasons but in any way, they are getting to the end.

Nothing lasts forever but an exciting thing about it is that the writers will be able to provide a very interesting ending. They will be able to wrap it up in a perfect manner with all the characters. They will go out big and strong.

After airing the last episode for season 5, Grimm is now on a hiatus. Reports indicate that there are several surprises for fans in Grimm Season 6. It will feature the return of Juliette, an expanded role for David Giuntoli and also a new villain.

EW asked David Giuntoli whether Black Claw will be returning to season 6 of Grimm. The actor revealed that it was unlikely and that group is very much done. He killed around 30 of them who tried to attack him and they will not be coming back again. According to him, its Renard vs Nick at the moment.

Therefore, there are chances that a new villain will be coming up in Season 6 since Black Claw is not returning. There is a strong possibility of Nick and Renard going against each other. People who prefer Nick and Adalind, they should know that someone from the past will return and Hofmag reports that Juliette will be returning in season 6.

Grimm Season 6

David Greenwalt told TV Line that the feelings have come back. According to David, Juliette returning in Season 6 will give rise to a lot of ‘come-to-Jesus’ moments.

Juliette was under the influence of a power when she did so many terrible things to Nick’s family. However, it was side effect of trying to assist Nick in the first place.

Bitsie Tulloch revealed that no one is talking about a love triangle in Season 6, at the moment. However, it will not be surprising if the love triangle appears as well. In the meantime, Giuntoli revealed that he will be moving behind the camera in Season 6.


  1. I love Grimm and if it’s so popular I hate you for cutting the shows to an end just keep the crappy shows and a lot of people will stop watching that station