Dance Moms Season 6: Mothers Find Out Abby’s Secret, Mackenzie Breaks Down, Aldc Wins At Calabase!


Dance Moms Season 6 is back and so has all the drama. The latest drama to hit the television screen is the one revolving around the fight between Abby Lee Miller and Melissa Gisoni. Melissa Gisoni is Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s mother and she has a huge problem in the way Abby Lee Miller has been treating Mackenzie.

Abby Lee Miller has been behaving erratically since the show came back. She has been teaching the girls less and shouting and screaming far more. Abby Lee is late for her classes even if she says that dance is her priority and she never gives an explanation about what she is doing.

The moms hadn’t been very happy with the way Abby Lee Miller has been behaving lately and one of them moms from Dance Moms Season 6 also added that L.A doesn’t seem to agree with Abby Lee and hence her erratic behavior. The mothers all wonder what is it that seems to be bothering Abby Lee Miller.

The mothers find out about Abby Lee Miller’s 20 counts of fraud from the morning news and they spend a lot of time trying to analyze this news. Abby on her part walks around like nothing is wrong and she even refuses to acknowledge the fact that she has cases pending in a court in Philadelphia.

Abby makes matters worse when she refuses to have a conversation with the mothers of the dancers, when they try to ask her about the fraud cases.

Abby Lee Miller has 20 counts of fraud against her and she will be on her way to jail if she is found guilty in any of them. She hasn’t mentioned this for so long and had even urged Lifetime to not mention anything about her legal cases on the show, but that didn’t happen according to plan.

All the jitteriness of Abby’s takes a toll on her and she finally loses it while teaching the girls in Dance Moms Season 6. She screams and shouts at Mackenzie, blaming the little girl of being lazy and for not working hard. She said that Mackenzie isn’t anything like her elder sister Maddie and she has bad knees and ankles. The little girl ends up breaking down from all the yelling.

This is when things get bad for Abby Lee Miller. Melissa Gisoni decides to stop being nice to Abby Lee Miller and gives her a piece of her mind. This was the first time that Melissa Gisoni had actually stood up against Abby Lee Miller for the sake of her daughters.

Dance Moms Season 6

Holly, Nia’s mother notices it and she mentions the act. With Maddie Ziegler away on her Hollywood commitments, she has been replaced by the new dancer Brynn. Abby Lee Miller now considers Brynn to be the new Maddie and even places her on the top of the pyramid for the BDA performance and the next competition in Calabase.

With none of the girls enjoying any privileges from Abby Lee Miller, the mothers are more than happy to confront Abby Lee Miller.This makes it very clear that the mothers aren’t going to be on Abby’s side anymore.

The main reason for her power in the show was that everyone was scared of her, but with Gisoni giving her a piece of her mind and with them finding out about her fraud cases, things are set to change.


  1. I only watch the show once in a while because at some point the loud mouthed Abby will tick me off. I do not let people do that to me in real life so why should I allow someone to do that to me for entertainment. Also, I really think someone who teaches dance should look like a dancer. I hate sounding that cruel, but Abby doesn’t pull any punches in cruelty.

  2. I think Abby is kind of abusing Mackenzie and stuff but I’m really surprised Melissa is not gonna be nice to Abby but you knowi think they all need to calm there selfs down And Abby is setting a bad example for the girls I just have to say is Abby can get a bit a angery and maybe stressed but it’s no need to yell at anybody. She needs to be nice to the girls for a change because the girls might be getting stressed and then shutdown because they get yelled at yeah.