Dance Moms Season 6: Maddie Ziegler Set To Return, Abby Lee Miller Might Head To Prison!


Abby Lee Miller’s dance troupe is back and this time they are determined to erase the defeats of last year. Abby Lee and her dance team are already winning competitions and they made the perfect start with Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition that was held in California last month.

The previous year, the girls hadn’t won the competition, but this year they won it and also were no doubt the best team in the competition. Abby Lee Dance Company trumped over their rival school Broadway Dance Academy, finishing first in the teen category whereas Broadway finished second behind them.

Dance Moms Season 6 is returning in two months’ time and there are rumors and scoops galore about the popular reality show. There were doubts about whether Maddie Ziegler is going to be back for the season since she is busy with her other commitments, but Abby Lee Miller has herself confirmed that Ziegler is going to be a part of Dance Moms Season 6.

With Maddie Ziegler on board, there’s no stopping Abby Lee Miller Dance Academy from bagging wins this season. Maddie already participated in the Dream National Dance Competition for the solo round and won.

Maddie Ziegler performed solo on Bond Girl and won hearts at the competition that was organized in California. Ziegler won the second place for both the teen round as well as in the overall competition. Abby Lee Miller always had a soft corner for the star dancer and she took to Instagram to share a photo of the girl and congratulated her on her win.

The confirmation by Abby Lee Miller that Maddie Ziegler is going to be back for Dance Moms Season 6 has made fans of the show very excited. There was some disappointment when it was revealed that Maddie might not be able to make it for Season 6 since she will be busy in other ventures.

Maddie Ziegler is branching out from just dancing. She has already made a mark for herself as a good actor and has even decided to take up singing. Maddie Ziegler had told in an interview that she wants to be a triple threat in the show-biz.

There is no doubt about her dancing talent and she has also started to make a mark with her acting. Maddie said that she is now focusing on honing her singing skills and she will soon be unstoppable. Maddie Ziegler wanted to take time off from Dance Moms and Abby Lee Miller had herself given her the permission to do so.

Maddie Ziegler is currently shooting for The Book of Henry, where she is going to share screen space with noted Hollywood actor Naomi Watts. Ziegler and Naomi Watts are being directed by Colin Trevorrow for the film. Maddie Ziegler has decided to take up other projects, but it is only with the consent of the production house for Dance Moms and ALDC.

Dance Moms Season 6

Fans of Dance Moms Season 6 who have been waiting for Maddie Ziegler on the sets were disappointed when there was no show by the dancer even on the third day of shoot. This started a rumor that she will after all stay away from the upcoming season.

There is good news for all those thinking that Ziegler is not going to return for the upcoming season. Maddie Ziegler’s win at the Dream National Dance Competition is going to be the main focus for the fourth episode of Dance Moms Season 6 and thus the 13-year-old is going to be a part of the show.


  1. Nobody really cares. Your bias for Maddie is nauseating and annoying. I hope Abby gets locked up for good.

  2. Seeing Abby go to jail will restore my faith in the American Justice System. She has been benefiting by making money from publicly abusing and humiliating children. She calls it being an “artist”. Nothing would make me happier than seeing her take the same abuse from women her own size in prison.

  3. I agree Maddie, her mom and Abby all make me sick. Abby needs to go to jail where she belongs. Maddie needs to move on and let the other girls have their time

  4. There is no bias for Maddie. All of this article is just facts. Too bad you can’t be happy for a thirteen year-old. Abby’s not going to prison. They have to prove a whole lot to pull that off. It’s not like she owes anybody money. She paid all of her creditors back. Even IF they can prove she concealed assets, there is no damage to anybody. Abby would get off with a fine & a warning.

  5. Abby is making money on Maddie and Melissa is too mousy to stand up to her.The other girls seem much better grounded than the 2 Ziegler girls all because Abby has her star struck. Nia and Kalani are much more versatile than Maddie. I do hope that they prosecute Abby you do wrong you have to go to the bottom of the pyramid and in this case JAIL

  6. She has been making money by publicly abusing and humiliating children. She calls it being an “artist”. I would never send any child of mine to her dance club. If she is found guilty of fraud then she should serve her prison sentence

  7. I agree. You would think that Maddie was Abby’s daughter. If it wasn’t for Abby pushing to get Maddie in the spot light Maddie wouldn’t be where she is now. Maddie is not any better than some of the other girls at dancing. I wouldn’t doubt that Abby has some kind of pull to get her girls to win when they dance and especially Maddie. I have seen some of the other groups that was better than Abby’s girls. Abby’s girls are good but so are some of the other groups.

  8. I agree with you. Abby didn’t like it when Nia went and made her video because she was a part of it. I am glad Nia’s mom went on without Abby. Abby ignores Nia and some of the others. She only pays attention to Maddie. They was she talks to the girls is verbal abuse. All Abby is, is an over grown “Bully”. I wonder if her mom brought her up to be that way.

  9. Chloe is a beautiful dancer and has beat Maddie at the biggest dance competition. Come back Chloe…you are such a joy watch.

  10. I guess some people don’t understand the meaning of “edited for television”, geez. Abby Lee loves those girls.

  11. It’s reality TV people. Hasn’t anyone had a coach that pushes and yells at the athlete? Maddie is very talented as are the other girls. I’m happy for all of them. Abbey and the show have given them tremendous opportunities, they should be grateful. And (moms in the show) your children are 13 now, let them handle Abby, if they want to stop training under her they will.