Dance Moms Season 6: Maddie Ziegler Back on Sets, Chloe Lukasiak Speaks Out, Abby Lee Miller Might End Up in Prison, And More


Maddie Ziegler, the star of Dance Moms Season 6 is back in action and have resorted back to her bullying ways. Master Herald has reported that the young dancer is not only dominating the dancers, but also their mothers.

Maddie Ziegler has previously bullied her team mates, and now with a film under her kitty, she seemed to have increased on that even further. The other dancers and their mothers had spoken up about Maddie Ziegler’s behavior to the team coach Abby Lee Miller, but it was in vain.

Abby Lee Miller has in turn threatened to take down anyone who speaks negatively about Ziegler on the show and outside to the press. Maddie Ziegler was too busy filming for The Book of Henry as Christian Today had reported. She was a part of the Colin Trevorrow film along with actress Naomi Watts.

There were initially reports that suggested that Maddie Ziegler will not be able to be a part of Dance Moms Season 6 because of the tight schedule of the shoot, but then it was reported that the filming will be complete in two weeks and Maddie is going to get back to the sets of Dance Moms Season 6 immediately.

There seems to be trouble in Dance Moms Season 6 even before the series can hit the television screen. Maddie Ziegler is already creating a difficult situation for the other girls and there are reports that Abby Lee Miller might not be able to continue much longer in Dance Moms Season 6 since she might have to go to prison.

Abby Lee Miller, the coach of Abby Lee Dance Company had been involved a fraud case where she was found guilty on 20 different counts. The case is being decided by the court and if found guilty, she will be fined $5 million and also face time in prison.

While there has been talks about the case against Abby Lee Miller she has made sure that Lifetime’s Dance Moms Season 6 doesn’t deal with the issue and has also threatened the other cast members from speaking about the issue in the public.

The fans of Maddie Ziegler will be happy to know that her arch enemy Chloe Lukasiak isn’t doing that well. While Maddie Ziegler is rising high in her career, Ricky Garcia is not doing that well. Realty Today has reported that Chloe Lukasiak has been criticized because of her photos with boyfriend Ricky Garcia.

Chloe Lukasiak had shared a photo of herself sitting on the lap of Ricky Garcia and had captioned it as wrapped up for Christmas.

Dance Moms Season 6

Chloe was criticized because she supposedly wasn’t being her age, but then her fans have come to stand by her and stated that none of the girls in the dance teams are playing their age since they have a life that is constantly under the camera and are also too focused on practice and maintaining their body weight instead of having fun and playing like other kids of their age.

Chloe Lukasiak isn’t going to be back in Dance Moms Season 6. She left the ALDC and joined Studio 19. The dancer decided to change her studio because she couldn’t deal with the negativity that there was there in ALDC. She had recently revealed that she loves working out and practicing in Studio 19 since the atmosphere there is positive and it is fun to practice there.


  1. Maddie is a great dancer but she is to emotional has she gone through her period and Chloe needs to be more joyful she’s weird and Abby lee miller needs to take dance lessons and workout she is not the best person in the world

  2. Who is this women. why do the moms put up with her
    She is a disgraceful teacher and a very bad poster girl for usa
    She needs to be gone.

  3. i hope the irs closes both her dance companies and sells every thing off to make her pay back all the money she has stolen and make her take back the thing she has said about chloe and the other people she has hurt

  4. Maddie is a great little girl and she has not gone through her period I guess I just got overwhelmed so Maddie and Chloe text me back that u forgive me I feel bad

  5. One can only pray that this WILL BE the last season for Abby Lee Miller. She is the most hated, know-it-all woman in America! As for the Mothers, they must be getting paid big bucks to allow a “supposedly, talented Dance Teacher” to talk to their children that way. Abby, I hope you do go to Prison, not just on Fraud Charges, but Child Abuse as well. You’re nothing but a wanna-be, talentless, loud-mouthed, over weight bully! I think Max said it perfectly when he put you in your place on DWTS!! Best episode of that show ever!! And oh yeah, how’s it feel NOT to be asked back? Once again, your big mouth got you in trouble! Good riddance! Chloe and Nia, if you were ever given an ounce of attention or beautiful arrangements like Madrid got everytime, you two would have beat her smart ass everytime! I mean, gee, her Little Sister beat her twice, but that acknowlegement want right out the window thanks to her selfish Mom and Abby! Ugh, just looking at her or hearing her voice makes me want to shoot my t.v.

  6. So Maddie and Shia LaBeouf (29 years old!) can dance in a video in costumes that make them appear naked, but Chloe’s totally appropriate, teenage, cute picture with her REAL celebrity boyfriend is “tacky”??? People really are delusional out there … jealous is probably the more accurate word.

  7. Abby is a horrible person and maddie can be a little bit bratty sometimes but maddie is a great person. and also chloe’s boyfriend Ricky Garcia is only 2 years and some months older than her like seriously it is age appropriate. These people are just jealous. Both girls are amazing


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