Dance Moms: Abby Lee Miller in Tears After Phone Call from Attorney, Girls Win Dance Competition, JoJo Siwa’s Stalker Imprisoned!


Abby Lee Miller had tried her best to keep the legal cases against her hidden from Dance Moms, but wasn’t very successful. Abby Lee had been acting very weird lately and the mothers of the dancers did notice that. She had been shouting and being rude to the girls and was regularly late for class.

When confronted she had told the mothers in the previous episode of Dance Moms that she had had a break up and hence was not her real self. However, try as much as she wants, the truth cannot be hidden for long. The mothers soon came across a morning news bulletin that talked about the legal cases against Abby Lee Miller.

For so long Abby Lee Miller had been walking around in the show and behaving like nothing is wrong, but that is about to change. Abby Lee had tried real hard to stop Lifetime from bringing this out in the open, but they couldn’t help it.

Abby Lee Miller has 20 fraud cases filed against her. She had falsely declared bankruptcy and had hid $755,000 from the Dance moms when she filed for it in 2011. Abby Lee Miller was summoned to the Pittsburgh court and had to pay a fine of $10,000.

She had declared a plea stating she isn’t guilty and the case is still being worked on. She will be sentenced to five years of prison if found guilty and/or charged a fine of $250,000.

With Abby Lee Miller set to go to prison, if found guilty by the court, it was unsure whether she will be part of Dance Moms Season 6, but she refused to budge from her role as the coach of Abby Lee Miller Dance Company.

She spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said that her parents have always taught her to hold her head high and go about in life. They have taught her to continue doing what she does without letting other’s words affect her.

International Business Times has reported that in the upcoming episode called Mini Dancers, Big Drama, Abby Lee Miller is going to be badly messed up. She has announced that she will be setting up a team of young dancers, but before the drama concerning that can erupt, she gets a phone call.

The team is set to perform at the Devotion 2 Dance competition in Santa Ana when she receives a call right while entering the auditorium. Abby Lee Miller steps out stating that she has to take the call since it is from her attorney. She was expecting some news regarding the legal case and doesn’t know it is going to be good or bad news.

Dance Moms

The viewers will see a very teary eyed Abby Lee Miller and she talks about her first Abby Lee Miller Dance Company in Pittsburgh. She tells the attorney and she had done everything she was asked to do. When the dance moms see Abby Lee Miller in a mess, they come out to comfort her.

The mothers hadn’t been very supportive of her lately because of the way she had been shouting at their daughters. Melissa Gisoni, mother to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler had even had a huge show-down with her since she made her younger daughter cry at the rehearsal. However, she comforted Abby Miller and said that she had gone through a lot lately and the allegations were the last thing she could take.


  1. I think that Abby is a a person to be locked up and never be around children .she is being paid to abuse children.that is disgusting.

  2. As a young child, I attended an exclusive dance studio. Some very excellent dancers, such as Judith Jameson, went on to be an excellent professional dancer. Our teacher was stern, but she was never mean or disrespectful to us or to our mothers. I don’t like how Abbey Lee Miller treats the girls. She is rude and downright mean and she will reap what she has sown.