Criminal Minds: Paget Brewster Not Returning, Gubler and Taylor Might Have Sparks Flying, More Details


Criminal Minds Season 11 is all set to hit the television screen in the end of September. The filming for Criminal Mind is already on its way and we know that the cast and crew are having a gala time filming in. There are numerous photos doing the rounds of the shoot and by the look of it, the coming season is going to be an interesting one.

While there are no reports about the plot line yet, there are some changes in the cast members. Jennifer Love Hewitt who played Detective Kate Callahan had resigned from the FBI Behavioral Analyst Unit at the end of Season 10.

Kate Callahan had a tough last season with her niece being abducted by pervert internet scammers. Kate wanted to take time off to spend time with her family and she submits her resignation after the case was solved.

In reality, Jennifer Love Hewitt is away on maternity leave and she has dropped out of Criminal Minds Season 11 since she wanted to have time to be a hands-on mother to her second kid.

This will be Jennifer Love Hewitt’s second child and she didn’t want to compromise on motherhood because of her career. The creators of the show are well aware of the importance of a mother being with her baby in the initial days and were more than willing to let her go.

Criminal Minds regular AJ Cook, who plays the role of J. J is also on maternity leave. However, A.J Cook is almost over with her maternity leave and she will be back after the few initial episodes of Criminal Minds Season 11.

There were rumors that series regular Paget Brewster who plays the role of Detective Emily Prentiss will be back for Season 11 of Criminal Minds. The news was first given to AMA Reddit by Joe Mantegna in May.

Joe Mantenga, who plays David Rossi on the show had given out in an AMA reddit interview this May, that with Jennifer Love Hewitt and A.J Cook away on maternity leave, the creators are pressed for characters and they might call back Paget Brewster for the upcoming season.

This news had made all the fans of the show excited, but it seems like Paget Brewster will not be coming back for Criminal Minds Season 11. In the recent summer press tour organized by the Television Critics Association, Brewster said that she was very keen on returning to Criminal Minds for another season, but the thing couldn’t work out because of her schedule.

Paget Brewster has recently become part of a comedy series for Fox called GrandFathered, which will also be coming on screen this September. Paget Brewster will be playing the role of Josh Stamos’s mother and will end up becoming a grandmother in the coming series.

Brewster said that A.J Cook had told her to come and be a part of the show. She said that she is in touch with the cast members and Erica Messer, the producer of the series. She is very sad that the plan to make a comeback in Criminal Minds didn’t want out.

Criminal Minds

There is going to be a new character in Criminal Minds in the upcoming season. Archer and The Talk star Aisha Taylor is going to be play Dr. Tara Lewis in Criminal Minds Season 11. She is going to play a forensic psychologist who will be hired in BAU in place of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan.

Fans will be glad to know that Matthew Gray Gubler has shared some scoop about what the plot line might be for the upcoming season. Everyone knows that Gubler is an important aspect of BAU, but he is also the only one without a personal life in the series and it looks like things are about to be changed.


  1. just an opinion, but I think Agent Tyler would be a better match for Hotch. Marisol Nichols seems like a better match for Reid. But, as I said, it’s just an opinion.

  2. I’ve watched this show since day one and still watch the repeats all the time. I think the character Emily Prentiss was such a great fit and made the chemistry of the show shine. They never gave her a private life that was in the present,just a few past tidbits. It amazes me that the women are all expendable but the males remain constant and evolving. They need to stop messing with the female characters, keep the original recipe and let them evolve as the years go by.

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