Corpse Of Gordon Freeman Discovered As A Mad Max Easter Egg! Does This Vanquish Any Chances Of a Half Life 3 Release? More Details


For a long time, we’ve been going through the same rumors and speculations regarding Half-Life 3 and looks some new information has finally surfaced on the internet. Right now, nobody even knows whether Half-Life 3 is a project that is being presently developed at Valve.

However, the good news is Valve was present recently in EGX 2015 which was held in UK last week and although they commented on Half-Life 3, they merely dismissed a potential feature that fans were expecting.

The video game writer and editor of Valve, Chet Faliszek was available for discussions regarding Virtual Reality and EGX and decided to answer audience inquiries as well. One of the questions was whether Half-Life 3 will end up being a Virtual Reality game and he replied negatively to this.

He was asked the same question once again, which he took jokingly and responded, “I said no”. At the moment, a lot of Half-Life fanatics out there are reading something more than just ‘No’ and ‘I said no’.

Most of you are wondering whether this means Half-Life 3 is presently in development and Chet just admitted that it won’t be a VR game. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t mean that. What Chet said necessarily translates to the fact that even if Half-Life 3 was ever developed, it won’t be a virtual reality game.

However, he did not reveal anything that remotely suggests whether Half-Life 3 is under development or not. Using Half-Life 3 for VR doesn’t make sense because the VR tech that we have presently will probably not support it properly in order to provide a fruitful experience.

However, making use of VR to explore some of the environments in Half-Life without the gameplay should be a great experience for any Half-Life lover. It would be a treat walking across various locations in Half-Life 2, especially if it gets a graphical update similar to what was shown in Unreal Engine 4, last year.

In the meantime, a shocking image has emerged which is being predicted to be the dead body of Gordon Freeman, our hero of the Half-Life franchise.

An Easter egg found in Avalanche’s new game Mad Max points towards the death of the iconic and huge loved video game character, Gordon Freeman, and the Half-Life franchise. The announcement came with graphical images and scenes that viewers could find distressing, so proceed at your own discretion.

A player with the username Swagmastavondagmasta came upon a highly controversial Easter egg while he was exploring the Grit Canyons. Check out the Northeast region from the Southern Camp which is not quite far from the convo.

Over there, you will find crates and the corpse. The rotting body of an unlucky fellow with a severed arm was discovered by the player.

Half-Life 3

After closely inspecting the corpse, some similar features were soon discovered. The glasses on the corpse are the same or close to the ones that Freeman wears during the Half-Life games. Check out the collection of crates to the left and you will notice the severed arm.

To make matters more shocking, the arm can be seen clutching a crowbar which is a weapon that goes hand-in-hand with Gordon Freeman and the Half-Life franchise.


  1. I am going to stop this Google alert where it relates to Half Life, it brings nothing but disappointment. There is no information either way if Half Life is in development, nothing can be gained from saying nothing.

    Other companies have released superb games in the same time that Valve have not released Half Life – if they are developing it – something is not working. If they are not developing it – just say so and help cut down the internet spam, empty headlines and endless trolling.

    Looking to use Half Life as a launch title for a Steam Machine – I can do without it thank you.

    I am no longer interested in Half Life, I am bored with it to be honest. I have Fallout 4, No Mans Sky, Dishonered 2 and the next gen Borderlands to look forward to, for me, Valve has been left behind by other developers. If I am typical of a mature gamer, then there are many more people with similar feelings, we invested in the very first series of Half Life PC games and stuck with it, did they stick with me, not with Half Life, and I think Valve may know this, bringing out Half Life is no longer a sure thing, there are other titles just as worthy of my money and more importantly, what little leisure time I have.

    So, Valve have lost me on this one and I am turning my back, I have other developers to invest time and money in, ones that produce what I want.

    Just my ten penneth.