Cody Christian Claims Theo Is Alive, Presence on Teen Wolf Season 6 Unconfirmed, Season to Narrate Lydia and Stile’s Story!


While there is still six months to go before the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 6, fans are excited about the upcoming season since there are numerous scoops that are doing the rounds on the internet and the social media.

Parent Herald has reported that Peter Hale will be returning to Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf Season 6. This has immediately given rise to the speculation that Tyler Hoechlin is going to be back in the series to play the role of Derek.

Tyler Hoechlin had shocked the fans when he announced that he will not be coming back to the show after the end of Teen Wolf Season 5. However, with spoilers hinting at the fact that Peter Hales is going to be back in the series at the end of the second episode, fans are hopeful that they will get to see the other Hale in Beacon Hills as well.

Even if there is a chance of Derek returning to the story, the spoilers of Teen Wolf Season 6 reveal that the character isn’t going to enjoy a story arc in the first half of the upcoming season. The opening episodes this season will focus on three new teenagers since the aim will be to bring in the younger Teen Wolf.

Cody Christian has teased something very interesting on his Twitter page. He revealed that his character, Theo, who was speculated to be dead at the end of Teen Wolf Season 5, is in fact, very much alive. Cody didn’t confirm if Theo is going to be back for Teen Wolf Season 6 for fear of letting out scoops.

Carter Matt has, however, hinted at the possibility of Theo returning for Teen Wolf Season 6. The very fact that Cody Christian has taken to the social media to let the world know that Theo has survived, is enough proof to believe that he is going to be very much a part of the upcoming season.

Theo had a dramatic ending in Season 5, where he was dragged inside a pit after his sister decided to get revenge. Fans had thought that that would be the end of the character, but he clearly survived the horrific incident.

While Cody Christian had been very careful to not say anything that he isn’t meant to, Jeff Davis, the executive producer, has given some hints that there is a chance of Theo coming back. Davis while speaking about the ending of Season 5 had said that they all love Cody and are going to do everything possible to get him back for Teen Wolf Season 6.

Movie Pilot has hinted that Theo will escape from Hell and turn into a human. However, he will have to save Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and will end up becoming a werehyenna. Theo will end up becoming more of an anti-hero in the coming season, but Stiles will protect him and he will make Scott (Liam Dunbar) join him.

Teen Wolf Season 6

Teen Wolf Season 6 will see the dynamics change between Lydia (Holland Roden) and Stiles.The fans are very excited to see the two finally speak out about their feelings for each other. There was a lot of chemistry between the banshee and the werewolf all throughout Teen Wolf Season 5.

The two came close after Stiles and his wolf brothers saved Lydia from the Dread Doctors, when they had imprisoned her in the Eichen House and were conducting experiments on her.


  1. Tyler Hoechlin left Teen Wolf at the end of season 4 and is very unlikely to return. Ian Bohen (Peter Hale) has not been confirmed for season six, neither has Cody Christian. Crystal Reed has said she will definitely not be back and Allison Argent and Jeff Davis has said there will be no new Hales. MTV had Teen Wolf slated for return at the end of June BUT Dylan O’Brien’s accident on the Maze Runner 3 set has set it back to or three months, (I don’t know where you get six months from) at the moment air date is TBA.