Castle Season 8: Rumors About Cancellation and Upcoming Episodes, New Format for The Show Revealed, And More


Castle has had a very successful run, but things seem to be going downhill in Season 8. There are rumors that with the TRP dropping on the new season there are chances that this might end up being the last season for the series. The ABC series got a new show runner this time, and it was expected to do well.

Alexi Hawley was promising as a writer and it was expected that his pairing with Terence Paul Winter would work wonders for Castle Season 8, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Realty Today informed that the fans are not finding the new season of Castle as exciting as they found the previous seasons and this might get the show canceled.

The last episode of Castle Season 8, called The Nose, got a rating of 1.1, which is the lowest that show has ever seen. The main reason for the fall in the rating seems to be the fact that Nathan Fillion’s Rick Castle and Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett are not teaming up to solve crimes together anymore.

It was their electrifying chemistry that worked wonders for the show and with the two on their own, the show is losing out on viewership. Castle Season 8 opened with Kate Beckett starting on her new post as the Captain of the precinct, which meant that she couldn’t be out solving crimes like she previously used to do.

Castle on the other hand has started to solve crimes thanks to the detective agency that he opened, but his Rick misses the charm that Beckett would bring out.

The last episode of Castle Season 8 shows a spark of the old charm that the series had, but it wasn’t between Rick and Beckett, rather it’s between Mia Laszlo played by Stephanie Weir and Rick.

The two share the same comic moments that Rick and Beckett used to share while they were out solving crimes. However, it makes the fans miss the original charm of the show even more!

With Rick trying to figure out if Kate still loves him, the situation grows torturous for the fans, and as Den of Geek reports, Kate clearly stated her intentions when she moved away. Fans have been urging the show-runners to stop torturing them by keeping Kate and Rick apart and to get them back since they both clearly can’t work without the other.

Castle Season 8 will see Adam Baldwin coming back. Baldwin had previously played the role of Detective Ethan Slaughter in Castle Season 4 and is set to come back and team up with Castle and solve another case.

Baldwin’s character is described as downright crazy by TV Line and even after promising that he will never work with him again, Castle is asking for his help.

Castle and Beckett were a formidable team when it came to solving crimes, but ever since Beckett left him, things haven’t been looking up for him and he might have had no other option, but to go for Detective Ethan Slaughter.

Castle Season 8

Latin Post has revealed that there is an upcoming episode on Castle Season 8 called Mr. and Mrs. Castle and this might see Castle and Beckett come together. This has got fans very excited.

The show is missing out on the moments that the two shared, loving and fighting each other and the avid fans are hoping that their chemistry will be able to give the current season a new lease of life.


  1. Till this point there has been a gentle but consistent slide in the ratings. The Nov. sweeps and their subsequent ratings will be a harbinger if the spring season will be the series last.
    ABC and Castle production wasn’t ready for significant drop in viewers and the devistating drop in the demo. at the start of season 8. The consensus had been ABC was willing to go along with the numbers of season 7, and thought they would hold steady for this season.

  2. I feel that season 8 of Castle is going swell and that those whom (Fans) don’t, aren’t giving the show a chance to progress on and let it play out what is happening right now, it will get better and Rick and Kate will work things out, they have to because they have to have Babies, and it’s the Best Show on Tv right now. So give it a chance the show and the writers Hawley and Winter and ABC don’t CANCEL PLEEEASE.

  3. Solving well written crimes for Castle and Beckett with humor and chemistry is the format that works for the fans. Well written crimes worked for Perry Mason 9 years and a revision of the show 20 years later. Murder she wrote lasted 12 years and NCIS is still on the air with 13 seasons. If the format continues to follow “Moonlighting”, the show will be cancelled

  4. One of my favorite shows.Love Rick & Kate working together.I think that the whole cast is great! Ending it would be a big mistake. There arn’t that many exciting,fun,romantic shows on any longer. I don’t like many shows that are on any longer.Keep it on…………….please

  5. I want to see the show continue on.I’m willing to give this a chance but they didn’t have to split them up? There are plenty of shows in seasons 9 or higher are still going strong. Also, Why make Castle a PI when he is a mystery writer? The wtwt bit is old they did lets get on with it. I just hope that they fix this bc its my favorite tv show on and I’ve been watching for 8 seasons now and would like to continue watching it for more.

  6. Across most forums, article threads, facebook and twitter, fans are fairly consistent, this season is beyond a disaster and the new showrunners have utterly destroyed the integrity of both main characters. There is no ‘maybe’ about why ratings are low. The shows are now poorly written, lack chemistry, charm, charisma, intelligence and most of all, it lacks the entire point of the show, Rick and Kate solving crimes together. I’ve been a rabid fan of this show, love all previous 7 seasons, but at thist point I feel that ending the show will be a mercy because this is no longer Castle.. it’s some horrid abomination.

  7. No offense, but you’re being a bit.. well offensive because you act as if we’re willy nilly in our frustration. I’ve given this season plenty of opportunity, and it’s utterly painful to watch. Saying ‘give it a chance’ is like saying I should keep going to a dentist who not only causes excruciating pain with every visit, but accomplishes nothing with each visit, never actually fixing a cavity, or botching a root canal, telling you to come back next time and he’ll do the root canal correctly.. only.. well you see where I’m going.
    If you can sit through this trash and enjoy it.. well more power to you, but the ratings clearly demonstrate that you’re in the minority. People don’t stop watching proven, excellent and entertaining television, they stop when it becomes the opposite.

  8. While everyone is slamming the showrunners (and I concur) no one is wondering why the 2 main stars are putting up with this awful season. It would seem logical that they knew what was coming and agreed with the direction the show was taking. Are they just over it and therefore milking it for one last season? Do they not realize that more than likely Castle will be their lasting legacy. Does Stana want to be remembered as a flaky Beckett despised by her fans? Does Nathan want to be remembered as a pathetic buffoon? I hope there is a plan to salvage the show and their images but I just can’t envision it. Hope I’m wrong. This has been the broadcast TV equivalent of “New Coke” or the Edsel.