Castle Season 8: Rick Planning to Win Kate Back, Kate Goes Undercover, Is There a Reunion On the Cards? Let’s See!


Castle Season 8 disappointed fans with the separation of the favorite couple Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Though the two seem to have hit the rough patch, there are chances that the show runners will try to win the fans back with a reunion between the two.

Christian Post reported that while Detective Kate Beckett wants to file a divorce from her husband of one year, Richard Castle isn’t going to let go of her so easily. There are speculations that Castle Season 8 is going to show Richard Castle get his game own and try to woo Kate Beckett back.

The USP of Castle was the amazing chemistry that Nathan Fillion and StanaKatic shared. Season 7 of Castle saw the two finally getting hitched together, but then the current season saw the two separate. The fans were complaining that Castle Season 8 was different since it missed the most important thing that made the series click- that was Rick and Kate coming together to solve cases.

The upcoming episode of Castle Season 8 called The Last Seduction will see Richard Castle and Kate Beckett heading towards their first anniversary. Season 8 opened with Kate Beckett becoming the Captain of the precinct while Richard starts a detective agency of his own and starts solving crimes on his own.

Kate has found out some important material that might take her closer to her mother’s murderer and she has kept the matter hidden from Richard, knowing how protective he tends to get.

Given the kind of life threatening situations she has previously been in thanks to trying to find answers to her mother’s murder, she didn’t inform Richard about coming across some new clues. However, she also has to realize that with Castle in her team, she has a better chance of solving a crime, like she always has in the past.

Given the LockStat case and how important it is to her, she might be focusing solely on solving the case. The Captain isn’t supposed to solve cases and is strictly involved with the administrative works for the precinct, but Kate Beckett is not one to be kept away from the field. She has changed the way things work around her precinct and is hell bent on going undercover to solve a case that is very close to her heart.

Richard Castle on the other hand isn’t going to let go of Kate so easily. He is planning a huge surprise on their first anniversary and hoping against hope that Kate doesn’t turn him down and push him away from her life by going ahead with a divorce.

Castle Season 8

There are only two episodes remaining in Castle Season 8 and fans are eager to findout what’s in store for Castle and Beckett. The sneak peek from the next episode shows that Castle will go over to the precinct to make a desperate attempt to try and win back Kate.

He is hell bent on proving her, how much she is worth in his life. Castle had spoken to Ethan Slaughter, who had advised him to never take a ‘no’ for an answer and by the looks of it, Caste is going to go all out and make a grand gesture for Kate on their first anniversary and turn the course of their marriage.


  1. If you want your rating up it would be about time to bring Castle-Beckett team back and the marriage back on strong footing. Maybe then Season 9 could happen. Very disappointed in the earlier episodes.
    Solve Beckett Mother’s murder and move on.