Castle Season 8: Release Date and Posters of the Show Revealed, Introduction of a New Character, And More Details


Castle Season 8 will be undergoing some major changes that are set to change the series forever. Teasers have leaked, but the primary ones will witness the change in the relationship between Beckett and Castle.

At the end of Season 7, the Inquisitr reported that Beckett was going to make a career change, perhaps from the police into politics, and the casting and the script have helped fortify Beckett’s future. Penn Johnson Jerald, who played the police captain, has officially left the cast of Castle, creating an opening for Kate Beckett to take her place. He took the help of Twitter to say goodbye to his fans.

In an interview with the Fashion N Style, Production Co-Runner, Terrence Paul Winter said that the writers for Castle have nixed Beckett going into politics for now, because keeping her involved with the police is a better fit for the show and he also gives a proper explanation. They have realized that the best way to tell Castle’s stories is to have Castle investigating twisty, fun causes and the best way to do that is to keep Beckett in that zone.

There will be changes for Rick Castle, too, in terms of career moves. Richard Castle Investigations is no longer a whim, but a real business with actual cases, including the mystery surrounding his father’s disappearance and what actually happened during his own abduction.

Design and Trend reported that a new character will shake up the sector, Hayley Shipton, to be played by Toks Olagundoye, who provides a different skill set as the detective that will take Beckett’s place, alongside Ryan and Esposito. Fans of the Castle series are now concerned about the character of Hayley Shipton, written into the show to drive a wedge between Kate and Rick.

The writers said that it is not the actual fact. Alexi Hawley even said that the character Hayley Shipton was never meant to be a competition. She is a strong, powerful, beautiful, independent woman and also she adds a unique flavor of that into the show, but is not in any way a competition for Beckett.

Alexi Hawley, the new Co Show Runner of the series revealed that Beckett would indeed become the next captain and that the move was meant to shake things up, in terms of plotline possibilities. Kate’s promotion is likely to cause problems for her relationship with Richard Edgar, played by Nathan Fillion, because they have always investigated cases side by side.

If Beckett takes the role of the captain, their partnership in crime investigation will end and it would even be difficult for Rick to join in the investigations since he is a private citizen. These will be the major problems or conflict that the couple will face in the upcoming Castle Season 8.

Castle Season 8

The show producers and lead stars Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic have recently released the new posters of the series to further hype the arrival of Castle Season 8. The show features the pair as close together as can be.

Well, it does not have a caption or tagline but it did show Kate making a playful yet unreturned glance to Rick. In a recent interview, Stana Katic also hinted that the season opener will be made in two parts and it shall feature an important event that will spark the storyline shifts for much of the eighth season.


  1. At the end of season 7 Kate stated she was very proud of her husband, does that mean that the name plate in her new captain office will read Captain Kate Castle? If not won’t that look like she not to proud of him. A baby castle this year or not?