Castle Season 8: Beckett Promoted to Captain, New Characters Included and More!


The premiere episode of Castle Season 8 is about to bring to life some crucial details about the disappearance of Rick Castle’s father. Castle (Nathan Fillion) will be handling a case that will present him with the opportunity to come face to face with facts that he has been looking for a very long time.

Fashion & Style has reported that the two hour long premiere for Castle Season 8. While looking for the details about the disappearance of his own father, Rick will unearth facts that are going to help him remember his own disappearance in the last season.

Castle Season 8 is going to see Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) start her stint as Chief of the precinct. Kate Beckett is more interested in solving crimes on the outside than sitting inside the precinct and working on paper works and administration. The upcoming season is going to be interesting as fans will see how she deals with the fact that Rick Castle gets to be out and about solving crimes while she is stuck inside the office.

Castle Season 8 has a new show runner and TVLine recently interviewed her. Alexi Hawley has told that the upcoming season will shake fans up. The show has enjoyed a successful run since the very first season, but now when they have been given the opportunity to put in some more energy and shake things up they are going to go all out to try it.

Last season saw Beckett passing her exam to qualify as a Captain as well as being offered the position to run as Senator for New York City. With her role being confined to the office, Beckett is not going to be a happy and she will make some changes in the traditional role of the Captain. She will soon go out and solve crimes as well.

While things might get a little difficult between Castle and Beckett in Castle Season 8, Martha (Susan Sullivan) is still going to be an important aspect of her son’s life. Terence Paul Winter, the previous show runner has said that she might be doing very well on the Broadway and has now moved in to her own place, but she is still going to be there with her and impart wisdom to him like she would always do.

Nathan Fillion has won a lot of accolades for his portrayal of the writer Rick Castle, but the actor has recently revealed what his dream role is. In an interview with Comic Book, the actor disclosed that he wants to play the role of Booster Gold if he ever has the chance.

Castle Season 8 is going to introduce a new character. It is going to be Toks Olagundoye from Neighbors. She is going to be a character that the series has never seen before and it is going to be interesting to see how she spices things up.

Toks Olagundoye will play the role of an independent investigator Hayley Shipton. Her character is free-spirited and quick witted and she is not used to investigate crimes the way Beckett and Castle have been doing it.

Castle Season 8

Beckett and Castle handle crime scenes and cases in the manner police would handle them, but Hayley Shipton does things her way. She would rather break in to investigate a property instead of waiting for a warrant to allow the same.

Castle fans might be reminded of Detective Ethan Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) who had appeared in the earlier seasons of the show, but even though she is a little easier than the former, there’s an energy that she carries that isn’t there in Slaughter.


  1. I DO NOT like the sound of any of this…sounds like I may not be watching my favorite TV show any more…if it isn’t broke – don’t fix it !!!