Calum Hood Skips Rehearsal and Red Carpet Events, Might Be Leaving the Band After Their Current Tour!


The fans of 5 Seconds of Summer are very worried with the recent rumors that are circulating in the internet. Calum Hood seems to be interested in leaving the band. Calum Hood has been dropping hints about his interest in leading a normal life and this had made fans sure that he is going to stop being a member of 5 Seconds of Summer.

5 Seconds of Summer is currently on tour and Calum Hood recently shared a post that stated that he isn’t going to the rehearsal. With the boys going all out to make their Sounds Good Feels Good tour, it was surprising that Calum would decide to stay out of the preparation.

His fans have all come out to state that the sudden change in his attitude is because of the new girl in his life. Calum Hood had previously been dating Jennifer Phipps, but then he has recently started dating Nia Lovelies, who is the member of the punk band Hey Violet.

Nia Lovelies and Calum Hood have been spotted hanging out with Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea and this had made the media deduce that the two are dating and the four were on a double date. Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have come clean about their relationship and are now very open when they are spotted in public.

Luke Hemmings has seen his share of hatred from the fans because of the change in his relationship status and it looks like it is Calum Hood’s turn now. Fans have come out to blame Nia Lovelies for having caused this sudden desire to leave 5 Seconds of Summer. Calum Hood has recently changed his hair style and has even gone ahead and gotten three new tattoos and fans feel that they are all because of Nia Lovelies.

Calum Hood when asked about his new hairstyle, informed KpopStarz that he has changed his hairstyle keeping in mind the weather in Australia. It is very hot in Australia and he didn’t want to keep his mop of hair and hence cut it really short.

Calum Hood had been embroiled in a lot of controversy lately with the boys coming out and stating that they have been having sex with the fans while they are on tour. The 5 Seconds of Summer had a very clean image and this revelation was a shock to all and sundry. Calum Hood’s ex-girlfriend was not ready to continue in this fashion and the two called it quits.

It was Luke Hemmings who spoke out about it. He said that with four boys on a tour bus and with a large number of girls vying for their attention, these things keep on happening. He even hinted at the fact that there were nights when the boys would have multiple girls.

Calum Hood

5 Seconds of Summer hasn’t been doing very well. The band is not very popular when it comes to their songs and hardly ever have their songs featured in the radio. However, there has been one award that the band has been winning for two years now. 5 Seconds of Summer recently won the NME Awards for the Worst Band for the second time.

While the boys are very excited about the win and have shared updates about it on the social media, the fans aren’t very happy with it. The band has a large fan group who love their music and they can’t seem to accept the fact that their favorite band keeps on getting the award for the worst band.


  1. What! Calum Hood Leaving 5 Seconds Of Summer I Do Not Approve Of This Worrying News I’m In An Absolute State as I read this article swirling and spreading the News that Calum Hood might be Leaving 5 Seconds Of Summer to return to a Normal Life with The Hey Violet Drummer Remember That Calum Hood gave up Football for the Band back 5 Years Ago back in 2011 I am literally so Concern for all these hints that Calum Hood is Tweeting on Twitter about Leaving 5 Seconds Of Summer for a Normal Life but if this is the case of which I think that it’s about I am going to be in Hysterics, Crying, Screaming and Being Angry and Lashing Out Tonight absolutely Furious with The Hey Violet Drummer.