Brynn Rumfallo Accused of Copying Jojo in Dance Moms


Brynn Rumfallo cheating?

Brynn Rumfallo is currently being part of Dance Moms. This is an American dance reality TV show that has been created by Collins Avenue Productions. It airs on Lifetime television network and is currently in its sixth season. The sixth season began airing from January 5, 2016.

Episode 16 of the current season was just aired and a number of spoilers regarding the next episode are doing rounds on the internet. One of the significant rumors that is going around is that Brynn Rumfallo will be accused of copying Maddie Ziegler in the upcoming episode.

Maddie Ziegler was essentially the top dancer of coach Abby Lee Miller’s dance group. However, the talented dancer recently announced that she won’t be a part of the sixth season anymore which left her mentor in quite a fix.

Miller has been desperately trying to find a good enough replacement for Maddie Ziegler. Various reports suggest that she is eyeing Brynn Rumfallo in this regard. Spoilers suggest that Brynn Rumfallo will be given a solo performance by coach Miller. Maddie too will be asked to perform a number of solo dances.

Her performance

As for Rumfallo’s performance, the costume that she will wear for it will be quite similar to the one of Maddie. She herself wore it on a previous instance during a performance. Jessalynn will be one to point this out and it will cause Rumfallo to come in the line of fire.

The teaser for the episode shows Miller announcing that both Maddie and Brynn will have to perform solo dances in the current week. In the next instant it is shown that Jessa lynnis gathered with some other moms for lunch.  It is here that she states- “She dressed her like JoJo last week, she’s have her dance like Maddie this week, you can’t make something out of nothing.”

However, Brynn’s mother Ashlee comes to her defense and urges her to try her level best. She feels that Brynn needs to perform better than Maddie. As for Miller, she is seen speaking to Ziegler and she states that it is time for her to pass the torch to another member of her dance group.

Both Rumfallo and Ziegler will fail to impress the judges with their solo performances and will be ranked third and fourth respectively in the pre-teen division at the Sheer Talent competition that will be held in Fresno, California.

Episode 17

Ziegler will be seen performing a musical theatre routine- “The Entertainer” and Rumfallo will put up a contemporary lyrical dance- “Broken Dancer”.

Episode 17 of Dance Moms: Season 6 will be aired on April 26 on Lifetime at 9 PM ET.

The 16thepisode was titled- Mack Z vs Abby Lee. In this episode Mackenzie was initially given a gymnastic routine by Miller.  However, this did not go down well with her mother Ashlee and she was seen confronting Miller in this regard in the promo.

She explains that Mackenzie is exceptional in hip hop and thus she deserves a hip hop routine. Mackenzie too is seen coming forward and requesting Miller to give her a solo hip hop performance.

Dance Moms Season 6
Brynn Rumfallo copying Jojo?

However, Miller does not agree and instead she decides to remove Mackenzie as one of the solo performers for the episode. That being said, Mackenzie was indeed given a hip hop solo for the episode. She managed to bag the first place in the junior level with her amazing performance.

Rumors about Ziegler’s departure from the show have been going around for quite some time. It was finally confirmed by her mother Melissa Gisoni. During the initial rumors Jill Vertes would often put forward her daughter- Kendall K’s name as the probable replacement for Ziegler.


  1. I can’t believe all of those grown women would do anything to throw off a little girl ( Brynn). Jill…Kendall isn’t half of what Brynn is. I love jojo but he mother is acting just like Jill thinking it will get jojo to the top well it won’t.