Becky G: Opens Up About Break Up with Austin Mahone While He Shares Photos of His New Girlfriend, And More


Becky G and Austin Mahone have parted their ways and by the looks of it, Mahone has also moved on to another girl, Katya Henry. Austin Mahone shared photos of the two out together in Disneyland and they took photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Becky G’s ex-boyfriend seemed to be very cosy, standing behind Katya Henry while wrapping his arm around her torso as she held on to his arms.

Katya Henry is a 21-year-old model and fitness trainer from Miami and even posted a photo from the day stating that it was a fun outing. It was in August last year that Becky G and Austin Mahone called it quits. The two were going very strong, but then they decided to end their relationship to focus on their respective careers.

Austin Mahone has gone all to prove it to the world that he has moved on from ex Becky G. He has been posting photos of Katya Henry regularly on Instagram and the two have been doing a lot of PDA while out in the public.

Austin Mahone shared a photo showing Katya and he holding hands while watching a film in a theatre that he had rented for the night. There are several photos of Austin with Henry, which look like they are at a shoot for his upcoming album.

While Austin Mahone seems to be very happy with new girlfriend Katya Henry, the fans are not so happy to see him with a new girl apart from Becky G. There were some nasty comments from the fans that were directed to Katya Henry and Austin Mahone stood up for her and clarified that the fans should stop calling her a porn star since she is a model.

Gossip Cop reported that Austin Mahone’s tweet was a way to defend his new girlfriend from all the fan hatred. Fans have trolled the poor girl’s social media pages ever since she was spotted with Becky G’s ex.

Becky G on the other hand has shown more maturity in dealing with the whole situation. She spoke to Latina and said that Austin Mahone and she had merely paused their relationship to focus on their career, but if he decides to move on with another girl then she wouldn’t mind.

While Austin Mahone has never come out to speak about his break up with Becky G, she has recently open up about it while giving an interview for a magazine. Becky G confessed that she always loved Austin Mahone, but they weren’t dating and Beck G said that she didn’t have the time to date. However, something happened and the two were spotted kissing.

Becky G

Becky G revealed that she and Austin Mahone took a decision to be together and not to hide their relationship from the media. She confessed to have felt like she was living the teenage dream where two pop stars would date each other.

Becky G revealed that the two really cared about the other and they had decided to give their best to make the relationship work.

She went on to add that they both knew that they had a career to focus on and that it won’t be an easy task juggling their career with the demands of a relationship, but still decided to continue until it was not possible to do so anymore.

Becky G and Austin Mahone were soon faced with a possibility where they had to choose between their relationship or their career and they decided to press the pause button their relationship.


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