Beauty and The Beast Season 4: Cast Members Share Their Feelings, Slated for A Summer Release, And More


It’s a bitter-sweet moment for the fans of Beauty and the Beast. The fourth season of the popular CW series is on its way, but this is going to be the final season of Beauty and the Beast. The show hasn’t been renewed by the CW after its fourth season.

CW wasn’t being open about the release date of Beauty and the Beast Season 4 and it was only recently that they revealed that the final season of the series is under production. Fans were scared that even the fourth season will be scraped since CW wasn’t giving any concrete information about Season 4 being released.

However, CarterMatt had revealed that the show is on for the fourth season and that Beauty and the Beast Season 4 is already in the production phase and it is slated for a summer release. This pleased the fan since now they will at least have a proper ending and will have all their queries answered in the 13 episodes.

The cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast Season 4 recently wrapped up production and it was a day of misery for them. It’s been a good run for them and the sudden cancellation did come to them by shock.

Christian Post reported that Beauty and the Beast meant a lot for the fans as well as the cast members of the series. The popularity of the show actually propelled the career of most of the actors in the series. This brought Beauty and the Beast very close to their hearts and it was, but obvious that they would feel sad biding goodbye to the series after Beauty and the Beast Season 4.

The chunk of Beauty and the Beast Season 4 was shot in Canada, particularly Montreal and the cast, including Jay Ryan, who plays the beast Vincent Keller on the show, tweeted after the show wrapped and expressed his gratitude to Montreal for being such a great host.

There are photos galore on the social media sites where the cast has shared photos from the set of the very last season and have shared their emotions on coming to the end of the road.

Even Austin Basis who plays the role of J.T. Forbes in Beauty and the Beast Season 4 said that the coming end of the series was a bitter sweet experience. He is obviously feeling sad the series is wrapping up with its very last season, but it is a positive change because it helps the actors to grow in their career and look for better opportunities.

Beauty and The Beast Season4

By announcing that Beauty and the Beast will not be renewed beyond Season 4 beforehand, CW did a good thing. It enabled the actors to start looking for a job while they were also shooting for the very last season. This gave them ample opportunity to look around and select their options and not have to rush into something else.

Beauty and the Beast Season 3 didn’t fare well with the fans because they were missing the chemistry between Vincent Keller and Cat Chandler (Kristin Kreuk). The chemistry between the two and the developing romance was what kept the series afloat. However, the creators decided to bring in a lot of mythological aspects into the plot and this shifted the focus from Vincent and Cat.


  1. I’m going to let you in on a secret. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was/is an amazing show. It happens to be my ‘Go To’. For me, it exuded chemistry through good & some trying times. I love VinCat’s journey. I will continue to love and support this show. It’s a shame that the CW did not properly advertise this wonderful show. Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk brought these incredible characters to life!

  2. As always CW cancelled Beauty and the Beast (one of the best shows they had in their network with very talented incredible actors like Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk) and renewed the crap lol
    After BATB S4 I’ll say goodbye to CW

  3. The CW can not see the movement that this show has brought to other countries. Here in Brazil people like the show, but as the CW, the network that brings the story here also failed to have new fans. It’s a bad station, with little audience. But we have a lot of fans and closed groups on Facebook that are unique to BATB. Sad to see it ending well. We could have many more seasons if there were more professionalism in the distribution of the show and include it present the show at times and adequate public.

  4. I am very sad that the show will be ending. BATB is and will be my all time favorite show and it’s due to Jay and Kristin’s chemistry and acting along with Austin, Nina and Nicole. What I don’t understand is if the creators knew that the fans wanted to see more of Jay and Kristin’s chemistry it could have been done. Why they chose not to listen will be their loss. Their other shows on the CW are not doing well in the ratings for me there are only 2 shows that I watch on the CW.

  5. I would like to add that Jay and Kristin’s chemistry is amazing and the chemistry they have is not seen in any of the other shows on any network.