Beauty and The Beast: Likely to be Cancelled Because of Low Ratings, Plot to Include More Villains, And Details!


CW has decided to cancel Beauty and the Beast after Season 4. This sad news was confirmed by the television network on Tuesday. Reports suggest that low TRP is what caused the network to axe the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beauty and the Beast had only 1.61 million views on an average in its last three seasons and this is not something that the network is ready for in one of their prime time slots.

CW has cancelled Beauty and the Beast and has already announced some new shows in its place. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Legends of Tomorrow and Containment are some of the series that will be appearing on CW in the coming months.

Fans will be happy to note that CW President Mark Pedowitz was himself a fan of Beauty and the Beast and said that with the series they had been working on their slot for scripted programs in the summer. However, now that they want to introduce something new, they have decided that it is time to move on.

Beauty and the Beast is currently in production for its fourth season, which will be out in 2016 summer. The 13 episode long series is based on the 1987 CBS series created by Ron Koslow. The current show is created by Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper-Landsman and stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk.

Season 3 of Beauty and the Beast ended in September and it was confirmed by Pedowitz that the show will be back for the fourth season next summer. He made the announcement about Beauty and the Beast continuing as the staple show this summer for CW.

Beauty and the Beast Season 3 ended with Vincent and Cat having a dream wedding. With the show focusing heavily on their relationship, the fourth season is expected to take up from their life post marriage and delve into the intricacies of life thereafter.

Beauty and the Beast Season 4 is expected to now focus on other aspects of Vincent and Cat’s life. Before finally marrying Cat, Vincent had to deal with Liam (Jason Gedrick), his arch enemy. However, the viewers never found out if Liam is surely dead or not. This leave open a possibility that Liam will be back to make things difficult for Vincent and Cat.

After Beauty and the Beast Season 3 was out, the TRP ratings were reviewed. Even though they were decent, the producers were not happy with just touching the million viewers mark.

It was decided that the chemistry between Vincent and Cat is what makes the show tick and the executive producer Brad Kern even informed Master Herald that since this wasn’t exploited much in the previous season, the show had failed to fare well.

Keeping this in mind, the showrunners focused on the relationship between Vincent and Cat and even got the two of them hitched in the season finale of Season 3 of Beauty and the Beast. With their romance in the main plot, the show also exploited the mythological aspect of the series.

Beauty and the beast season 3

Vincent has a tendency to change into a beast and this secret if out, is going to create a whole lot of problem. Once he is a beast, the only one who can control and deal with him is Cat. Keeping this in mind, a secret organization had approached him to work for them.

Seeing that working with the organization would help protect Vincent and his secret, Cat and Vincent agreed. The organization is going to show the viewers the connection between humans and science will find out answers for Vincent’s condition.


  1. Devasted that this beautiful show is coming to an end!!!!!!! I was on board and in love from the beginning. Jay Ryan & KristinKreuk brought these characters to life! I’ll wait, like all other fans, to watch this next season. It truly will be my honor! #batb #forever

  2. I am so upset that this show was cancelled and really angry at Mr.Kern saying that they did not delve into the characters in the previous season.He is the one that made the decision to have them separate,as a result,they lost a lot of fans that never came back.I blame the demise of Beauty and the Beast on Mr.Kern.I guess he brought down a lot of good shows with his crazy ideas.Beauty and the Beast actually started as a love story with her being a detective,and by the second season,the fans really didn’t like either character very much.I started watching day one,so this really is upsetting.

  3. This is more then a show to most people it has connect beasties for life and I have made some amazing friends from it and they will be life long friends
    You may want to check the Liam thing…..Vincent did rip his heart out in Season 3 so we know Liam is dead….did you forget that scene.Vincat love did go missing in season 3 but that is not cast fault the writers seem to have forgotten about that chemistry that we all fell in love with.
    Will miss this show so much. Thank you to our wonderful cast and crew for everything that brought to the screen.

  4. No!! I love Beauty & the Beast! I hate to see the show coming to an end, I love the cast & it made my week! I like the fact the show was clean and romantic all the same time! Not to many shows are left anymore that is truly romantic with out being filthy! #roar

  5. I am disappointed about the cancelation of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the show. The chemistry between Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk really brought so much interest to the show. The love story between Jay and Kristin kept me interested in the show. I will be watching next season and hope the writers keeps that chemistry there.

  6. I agree I really feel this show will not be cancelled if the writers have pumped this show since the last season. As season 1 and 2 would be hard to followed as I ,and most viewers , couldn’t get over the action.
    The actors should be proud as they made the show that most people
    loved. I wish all on the show bright futures.

  7. So said that they are trying to cancel it….you know some people have to work at night when the show is on. But here is the thing I r recorded it to watch it when I get off and so there for it does not show up for the ratings but that is bull I love this show and hope they will keep it going because they really don’t understand how many people watch it ,and watch it together in one house on one tv it’s a party at my house …….plz re think it don’t take this show away like you have you have done to so many others

  8. Um We saw Vincent ripped Liam’s heart out in the tunnel before Vincent and Cat had their official wedding. Tess officiated. Remember they faked Vincent’s death & Cat distracted Liam. Vincent came behind and ripped his heart out.

  9. This has got to carry on, unlike other programs that have been dropped after 1 or 2 seasons, I look forward to watching B&B and once again will be left disappointed being left hanging, please listen to the fans who pay for the TV licence which allows these programs to be made in first place and give us what we want

  10. I love BATB, it has showcased the best actor I have seen in years. Jay Ryan made this show watchable, even remarkable.
    Please reconsider season 5. I agree with Brenda’s comment above :” I am so upset that this show was cancelled and really angry at Mr.Kern saying that they did not delve into the characters in the previous season.”

    It’s a bit cheap of Kern not to admit that it was his own decision to ‘break them up to make them stronger’ or some such platitude.

  11. Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful love story with fantastic actors that actually bring the characters to life each week. I am totally addicted and have fallen in love with the show and the characters. The love scenes of Season 1 between Vincent and Catherine were awesome and the chemistry between Jay and Kristin is off the charts. When Mr. Kern pulled them away from each other in Season 2 to see if he could get the fans to support other characters (Big Mistake)! The fans were not interested they were only interested in the love story between Vincent and Catherine that brought them to the show in the first place. The show started as a B movie “not much money invested” and then in Season 2 they upped the budget a little, but pulled away from the love between VinCat. Then in Season 3 they really upped the budget and brought the show to a new level. CW did a really good job with visual/sound effects and story line, which enabled BATB to compete with other CW shows like Arrow, but CW would never do any advertising or run reruns or send the cast to any Comic-Con’s. All of this would have possibly brought them more dedicated fans. Also why is it that the only ratings that count are the 18 to 49 year olds. Do you think the rest of us are DEAD, well we are not. We love a good romance/love scenes/action/suspense/friendships and the FAB 4 + 1 of this show. I have never felt such a strong connection to a TV show before like I feel for BATB. This is the only show that I know of where the fans have watched it so much that we actually know the dialog. CW you have a wonderful community of woman all over the world that have totally fallen in love with BATB and Vincent and Catherine and it would be a blessed shame for you to cancel the show. Please give us and the show one more chance with a Season 5. Do some advertising for the show and put the love scenes back in the script to pull the adults who love a good love story into the fold. I was so upset and heartbroken that you were cancelling the show that I stopped watching all the other programs I watch on CW.