Avril Lavigne: Rumor About the Singer Being Dead, Ends Marriage but Continues Music Collaboration with Ex-Husband, And More News


There has been a bizarre turn of events where the internet is abuzz with news that Avril Lavigne is dead! The most bizarre part of the news that is circulating is that Avril Lavigne has supposedly committed suicide ten years ago and has since a lookalike has been portraying to be the singer.

The false story had died down completely, but then Ryan Broderick from Buzzfeed brought the whole incident back into the limelight when he shared details about the blog Avril Esté Morta that dealt with the hoax news.

The blog focuses on Avril Lavigne’s story and says that the singer had committed suicide in 2002 and since then her life has been taken over by a doppelganger. There were a large number of people who actually fell for the hoax, hanging on every word that the blog pointed out in this issue.

The first report of Avril Lavigne being dead came out when eye witness reported that the actress had a ski accident while she was spending time there with her family and close friends.

Inquisitr reported that Avril Lavigne was at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, towards the north of Vancouver when she supposedly lost control while she was snowboarding and went and smashed against a big tree at very high speeds.

According to the report, the singer’s condition was so critical that she was airlifted to the nearest hospital and was declared dead by the time they could provide her with any medical care.

There reports in the media that Avril Lavigne had started the hoax theory and according Noisey UK, Avril had followed other famous personalities who tried to avoid the media attention with their lookalikes. The tabloid reported that Johnny Depp, Lauren Conrad and even Britney Spears have tried to confuse the media by bringing up their dopplegangers.

In other news related to Avril Lavigne that her fans would be more interested in knowing is that the singer has called it quits with her husband Chad Kroeger, who is a member of Nickelback.

Avril Lavigne broke the news of their separation with a photo of Chad Kroeger and her on their wedding day in France and captioned it saying that she feels sad to inform her fans that the two have decided to end their marriage and she feels devastated about it.

However, she assured her fans that even though the marriage didn’t work out, the two of them will continue being friends and are going to keep working in their music collaborations. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger got married in France July 2013.

Theirs was a rock and roll themed wedding, given that they are both musicians. Only close friends and family were present with the couple on their special day.

The two have proved that they are still close in spite of the marriage not working out. Avril Lavigne even shared a photo on Instagram stating that she is writing a song for Kroeger. The two had met when Chad Kroeger had asked Avril Lavigne to work on music together and she even shared a photo of Chad stating that they are back where it all started.

Avril Lavigne

Even though couple decided that their marriage was not working and they should move away from it, they were aware how important their collaboration was for the industry and hence focused on it to continue with their teamwork in spite of getting separated and ending a failed marriage.

Avril Lavigne has taken the rumors about her death in a stride. She hasn’t addressed them, believing that she will add fuel to fire by commenting on such unbelievable incidents. She has continued doing what she does best while turning a blind eye to the rumors around the media.


  1. I thought that avril lavigne is already dead! I believe on the rumors that spreading all over in the internet. In fact, i was watching the new music videos and the old ones, i notice that this present videos are not totally the real avril. The tune of her voice and the way she perform in the stage this past concert proved to me that she is not the real avril! Sorry for commenting but avril lavigne is my idol! Even if i dont have any proof that avril lavigne is already dead but my insticnt believe! Thank you and god bless!