Avatar 2: Likely to Release in 2017, Features New Worlds, Disney Releases Their Own Avatar Theme Park, And More


Fans of the 2009 epic science-fiction fantasy film, Avatar, are currently waiting for the second film in this franchise to be directed by James Cameron and expect to be released soon in the near future.

Recent reports suggest that they may have to wait a little while longer since Jim Gianopulos; the CEO of 20th Century Fox declared that according to his expectations, Avatar 2 will be shown around Christmas 2017.

He made this announcement back at the Gabelli & Company’s Movie & Entertainment Conference, which was held in July in New York, according to reports from Variety. He further added more exciting piece of news declaring that after the second movie, there will be a third and a fourth sequel.

The films will be released subsequently on a yearly basis in the future, suggesting that all of them will be in theaters by 2019. However, keep in mind that the schedule can still be altered. Cameron earlier admitted that he was waiting for some better technology to make an appearance in order to shoot some underwater scenes for Avatar 2, using motion capture.

As a result, this film was due to be released in 2016 but the lack of technology caused a delay. Furthermore, the makers were attempting to reduce the story down to three sequels instead of four, as rumored before.

In a report by Comic Book Movie, the difficulties that were being faced in the creation of three back-to-back films were clearly discussed by the director. According to hi, the team working on the Avatar franchise is writing the three movies simultaneously instead of one being written after its predecessor is done.

This is being done so that everything tracks out in all three films. Furthermore, all the designs are being done in parallel in that. As a result, several creatures and environments are being designed for that purpose as well.

Cameron further discussed about the level of complexity which results from doing these three movies in such a manner. There is a major difference between this and the traditional route of shooting one stand-alone installment and then going back for its sequel.

All we know is that billions of dollars were spent on the first movie and Avatar, the first movie in this franchise, became a major success, back in 2009. People who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the backstory. In Avatar, it is shown that the greediness of man when the natural resources of Earth have been stressed to its maximum possible limit.

A semiconductor mineral called Unobtanium was discovered by a man in a moon, orbiting the star Proxima Centauri. The moon is actually a place called Pandora, which is inhabited by highly evolved creatures known as the Navi, who are colored blue and sport an average height of 10 feet.

Humans must spy and study the behavior of these aborigine creatures in order to acquire the previously-mentioned mineral. The only way in which this can be done, is through the utilization of genetically engineered creatures which are half-man and half-Navi, known as Avatar.

This film stimulated the senses of a lot of viewers and was featured in breathtaking 3D technology. Fox Century faced a massive financial success with the release of this movie and commissioned James Cameron, the popular director behind films like ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ to create 2 more installments in this celebrated sci-fi franchise.

Avatar 2

Cameron wants the viewers to enjoy this movie in the most interactive way and due to this; it is taking a long time to develop this movie. They need to wait because the proper technology is not yet available.

He further stated that technology has been greatly innovated and advanced in the past few years and he feels that this is the correct time to develop Avatar 2, considering the fact that the present technology will ensure justice to the upcoming films, even more than before.


  1. Great stuff, although it’s a long way off yet, and judging by what James has suggested each movie will be out of this world, breathtaking, and with modern technology and i must admit
    3d really didn’t set the world on fire, and how good would they look in the new 4k ultra HD
    format? I must admit when i first bought @ one stage a bluray player or i actually had 4 players!!!
    I went a little overboard, and one of the first movies i bought was the box set of the first Avatar movie, although the movie may be a little cheesy, but gee the visuals were stunning, looking forward to it when the time arrives