Avatar 2: Cameron Waiting for New Technology to Capture Underwater Sequence, Will Depict Water Eco-system, And More


The long wait of six years refuses to end for the avid fans of the sci-fi film, Avatar. The James Cameron film that made cinematic history is going to have not one, but three sequels! If rumors are correct, fans have more reason to cheer; it looks like Cameron is simultaneously working on the three scripts so that they release within a year’s gap of each other.

There are reports that the idea that James Cameron had, required four more films, but his contract mentioned three sequels and he had to adhere to that. The world of Pandora that Cameron had imagined had to rewritten to fit in three sequels. This task was time consuming and according to late James Horner, Cameron was working on all the scripts together.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the award-winning music director who had previously teamed up with Cameron in Titanic and Avatar revealed that the Oscar winning director was taking a lot of time preparing the scripts for Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4.

The Avatar team had a huge set-back when Horner, who was added music to the world of Pandora passed away in a plane crash. Cameron and Horner have been a great team and they previously collaborated on various successful ventures. There has been no official word on who will replace Horner for Avatar 2.

Avatar captured the beauty of Pandora with Cameron’s Midas touch. While Avatar focused on the forest ecosystem, there are rumors that Avatar 2 will have feature the water ecosystem of the planet.

Clapway has informed that James Cameron will be making use of technology that will help capture motion underwater. The advanced technology that the noted director plans on using is non-existent. There are steps being taken to create technology that will aid the director and this is delaying the production process.

Weta Digital that is based in New Zealand is developing the software and graphics that will be used in Avatar 2. The same company was also a part of Avatar and they have a clear idea about Cameron’s vision. Cameron is hopeful that once the technology is developed it will speed up the filming process.

Producer Jon Landau said that for Avatar 2 they can use graphics and animation to simulate the water, but they can’t do so with the actors and their expression. The technology that they are looking for will help them capture the actor’s expression while shooting inside water tanks.

According to Screen Rant Cameron has pushed back Avatar 2’s release to December 2017 to wait for the new technology. He will also get the time to work on and improve the scripts in the meantime. Cameron has used different screenwriters for the three films. The different screenwriters will add a different element in each of the films and not make it a monotonous affair for the cine-goers.

Avatar 2

With each of the films coming within a year’s time of the other, the different treatment of the script of each of the Avatar sequels will ensure a different experience. Avatar 2 is being written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver who are known for Rise of the Apes.

Avatar 3 is going to be the work of Josh Friedman who wrote Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Avatar 4 is going to be worked on by Shane Salerno of Savages.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing them all. Six years seems like forever and now it’ll be another year at least. I hope it’s worth the wait.