Arzaylea Addresses the Fans, States That She Isn’t a Social Climber, Fans Refuses to Accept Her Apology!


Arzaylea is having a tough time dealing with the fans of Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer. The fans have never liked her for the very fact because she would be spotted with Luke Hemmings, whom they adored and wanted to get married to.

The photos of Arzaylea had first surfaced in 2015 when she was spotted leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood while holding hands with Hemmings.

With time, the media started reporting news about her and started calling her Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend. Arzaylea, who goes by that name on social media and isn’t really called that had also uploaded a lot of photos of the band and Luke Hemmings on her social media pages.

The fans had always been very skeptical about her since they didn’t believe that she was Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend. There were fans on the social media who mentioned how Arzaylea was stopping the fans from interacting with Luke Hemmings. One fan even came out to reveal that she was asked to leave a particular pub since Arzaylea had an issue with her talking to Luke Hemmings.

Things took a turn for the worse when Arzaylea shared some intimate photos of Luke Hemmings on her Instagram page. The fans felt that it was wrong to share such personal photos on the social media and some came out to attack Arzaylea, stating that she was sharing the photos on purpose, to rub it in that she was with him and not the other fans.

There were numerous fans who unfollowed Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer. 5 Seconds of Summer is a band that maintains very close relationship with their fans and this was a death knell for them. Luke Hemmings immediately jumped in to salvage the day. He went for a Rolling Stone interview with Arzaylea and made it very clear to the world that he was with her.

This was expected to pacify the fans and stop them from bashing Arzaylea up on the social media, but things took a turn for the worse. Arzaylea thought that she would openly apologize to the fans and make her stand very clear. She posted on social media asking the fans of 5SOS to forgive her.

She informed the fans that she isn’t a social climber who is with Luke Hemmings because he is famous and popular. She said that her father had been in the music industry for decades and that is how she had met Luke Hemmings at Kylie Jenner’s birthday.

She made it very clear that she has many popular friends and doesn’t need to make contact with popular people to better her social position.

Fans of 5SOS and Luke Hemmings have decided to dig out her past and have brought into focus ho she had treated her ex-boyfriend and she responded to the allegations stating that she wasn’t happy with the guy and wanted an out and realized that she would have to break up if she wanted to come out of the relationship.


She urged the fans to not bring things from the past into context since she has changed from what she had been previously. She said that her parents have brought her up very well and those who know her personally, know that she isn’t the girl she is being portrayed to be in the social media.

According to Inquisitr, for the fans of Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea is just an idea, an entity that has taken up their space in Luke Hemmings’ life and everything has to be done to break or remove her. This doesn’t seem to happen any time soon.


  1. Can people please stop saying that fans don’t like Arzaylea because they want to marry Luke. For 99% of fans that do not like her, this is not he reason. Stop constantly assuming young women and girls are jealous of people-they-looks-up-to’s girlfriends because there are so many other factors that can cause a certain distaste.