Apple iPad Air 3: Dissecting the Rumors and Speculations Currently Circulating in the Market!


This year, people expected Apple to release the iPad Air 3 but that didn’t happen since the company decided to prioritize many other devices. As a result, it has been claimed that this tablet will be released next year. A few months ago DigiTimes declared that Apple has turned rather conservative with their tablet line-up.

As a result, they do not wish to release the next gen variant, for replacing the current generation iPad Air tablet. There have been a lot of great offerings in the tablet market, from different manufacturers like Lenovo, Samsung, Amazon, Asustek Computer, and Apple etc. However, the demand for tablets hasn’t been so high in the last few years.

Recently, a report in Expert Reviews indicated that Apple’s decision to not release the iPad Air 3 this year was not at all surprising, since tablets sales haven’t been quite high in the recent times. The market tends to get saturated and people don’t wish to replace their current tablets due to which strong iPad sales have been trending downwards in the coming years.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Apple decided not to spend pots of money on a brand-new product, developed for a saturated market. The newest iPad will cost around $450 and is expected to be called the iPad 7 while featuring a 64GB internal storage.

According to CrossMap, the thinnest iPad from Apple is expected to be around 6.9 to 7.1mm in thickness and this is almost similar to that of the iPhone 6. Inquisitr reported that the latest A9X processor is being developed by Apple and the iPad that is released next will be the one featuring it.

Rumors further indicate that this device will come equipped with four speakers and offer an exemplary audio quality. According to Expert Reviews, the upcoming iPad should come with 3D Touch and the newly included Force Touch as well. A 4K resolution should be seen in the iPad Air 3, similar to the newly released iPhone models.

According to The Inquisitr, the fourth generation tablet should come with a 10.2inch screen with awesome 3D graphics. Gamers who want smooth and crisp gaming should be going after this beauty.

Chinese Publication MyDrivers reported that the new iPad Air 3 will come with 9.7-inch display size but it will feature an increase in resolution to 2334 x 3112 pixels while providing around 401ppi.

Similar to the new iPhone, the battery size might decrease as well. This will probably be due to the higher resolution, a chassis that is thinner along with an IPX7 waterproofing certificate.

In the meantime, people who are waiting for the successor to last year’s iPad Air 2 will have to wait a little while longer. In the last few years, Apple has been quite consistent about launching a new iPad every autumn. As reported by another Chinese publication, Economic Daily News, Fubon Hardware investment advisor Liaoxian Li declared that Apple will stop the production of the new iPad until 2016.

Apple iPad Air 3

Apple’s overall consistency regarding pricing means that the new iPad Air 3 will be priced around 399 pounds and in spite of reports from various media outlets, this device won’t be coming at a price lesser than that. It is expected that Apple will discard the 16GB and 32GB base models and this is a more practical solution since various apps and OS tend to put in serious storage weight and this needs to be resolved.

The iPad Air 3 should come with 4K resolution, 2GB of memory and 401ppi pixel density. Macworld previously reported that the next iPad will not be given the iPad Air 3 moniker and instead, it could be called iPad 7.


  1. Having owned an IPad 2 for about 4 years, I am looking forward to upgrade. I’m waiting for the new IPad air3 . Hope it does appear early in the new year. It’s to be a belated 70th birthday present. Please Apple, bring it out early.